How To Sell Your Stuff with Facebook

[EP 22] How to Sell Your Sh*t with Facebook

| Stitcher | iTunes |   I’m not gonna lie, I’m a HUGE fan of Facebook. I mean, if it ain’t on Facebook it didn’t happen, right? Well, if you love FB as much as me then you are gonna dig this week’s podcast. And if you don’t? Well hot damn, you need to get on board because Facebook [...]

[EP 20] 3 Tips on How to Re-Frame Failure

| Stitcher | iTunes | If you’ve been keeping up with our rantings and ravings since the beginning (and we thank you for that!) then talking about the flop that was our first product, is not news to you. For those of you who haven’t heard, our first product launch was brutal. We poured months into a product we [...]

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