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  • [EP 33] Transforming a 9-to-5 Job into an Online Business with Shane & Jocelyn

    | Stitcher | iTunes | “I really want to create an online business, but I have no clue what to sell or where to start!” Sound familiar? 

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  • [EP 32] How To Work & Travel Together without Killing Each Other

    | Stitcher | iTunes | Peep this: Josh and I have traveled to over 13 countries together! And while we looove wandering the globe, enjoying our time together, and working while in a new corner of the world, it wasn’t always like that. 

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  • Omar and Nicole from

    [EP 31] From Educators to the $100 MBA with Omar Zenhom & Nicole Baldinu

    | Stitcher | iTunes | Imagine being told by your business school professor that you should drop out. How do you think you would handle that? 

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