You’re Never Too Old

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Screw the nine to fiveSheee’s baaaack!

Weena is back, rocking my whole world and imparting wisdom on me – in between Reverse Triangles and Dolphin Headstands, of course.

A few days ago I was partaking in yet another brutal ass kicking from this inspirational yogi girl crush of mine when she gave us a 2 minute reprieve to collapse onto our mats and grab some water.

Usually within this time she would crack a few jokes or maybe practice some crazy move where she contorts herself and we all just sit there staring, mouths agape.

But this time was different. 

This time she decided to tell us a story.

“You know, I learn yoga not til I’m 42. Yes, true. I no even heard of yoga til I’m 42. You can do anything. Age, is not matter. What matter is in your heart.”

“42?!” I asked, completely shocked.

“Yes! I not even think of business til I’m 52.”

I was speechless.

Here was a woman who not only discovered yoga at the tender age of 42 but didn’t even know she wanted to go into business for herself into she was in her 50s – and she did it with no formal business training, no one helping her, no nothing.

She simply threw herself into it head first and learnt as she went along.

She didn’t stress that she didn’t know how to formally run a business. All she cared about was teaching yoga; something that gives her purpose and makes her (and countless other people) happy every single day.

She just started doing it and never looked back.

She believed in herself, in her natural gift of teaching others and trusted that it would all work out.

She had unconditional faith.

And yet, mere hours prior to that class I was answering an email from someone telling me they wanted to give up their job (to start an online holistic coaching practice) but couldn’t because they were too old….and had a mortgage…and kids….and debt.

Now don’t get me wrong, we totally understand the anxiety that surrounds a major life decision – such as quitting your job to start up your own business – but age should never be a determining factor for why you aren’t following your dreams!

Besides, that person was 38 – only 6 years older than me!

Do not fall into the trap of allowing your age to deter you from indulging that little whisper inside of you, screaming for more.

And for the love of god, please don’t blame financial stress on your inability to follow through and create a business that could bring more money, more freedom and more happiness into your life than a stinkin’ 9-5 job could.

Simply be smart about it.

So, instead of just up and quitting your job with no savings and no plan, start a side hustle. Use after-work hours, lunch hours or weekends to work on and grow your business.

Get committed and stay committed.

It’s not easy but it sure as hell is worth it, if you want it bad enough.

After all, there is no cut-off age for doing what makes you happy. There is only you and your resistance that can stop you.

But you’re stronger than that. Aren’t you?

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