How To Write a Product Review that Converts

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Today is dedicated to the one crucial element your affiliate site needs if you want to even make one (hundred, thousand, or even hundred thousand!) dollar, and that, my friends, is a solid product review. 

But not just any product review. A product review that converts. And in order to create a product review that converts, you need to include some very specific elements within each of your reviews. What are they? Click play and find out!

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I get it, not everyone digs videos…even though this one includes puppies (insert guilt trip here). Which is why we included full transcript just for you! Yes. You.


This week we’re talking about the one essential page that every affiliate site needs, no matter what your niche is.

What is it?

A product review! Not just a product review, but a product review that converts.

Today we’re going to be covering the 4 essential elements that every bad ass product review that converts, needs. the full transcript

Skip to the Good Stuff: 

0:30 – Today we’re talking about the 4 essential elements that make product reviews convert.
1:00 – Tip #1: An Eye Catching Headline.
2:10 – Tip #2: Tell a Story.
3:50 – Tip #3: Include a “What I Didn’t Like” Section.
5:20 – Tip #4: Include a Below the Post “Call to Action.”
6:45 – We want to hear from you. Have you written product reviews?

A Little Bit About this Episode:

There are a lot of aspects that go into creating a solid, money-making affiliate site. I mean, you've got to find a solid niche to enter, a product worth promoting, keywords that people are actually using to search what you're promoting, a website (duh!), backlinks, and of course content.

However, affiliate sites don't just require any old content. No. They need product reviews. After all, you are promoting a product with your site, so it only makes sense that you would want to create enticing posts that not only review the product you are trying to sell, but persuade that reader to actually click your link.

But what makes a product review convert into sales?

A few things actually…all of which we're breakin' down in today's episode! That way you can take what you learn in this video and plug it into your website immediately.

I mean, we're talking one hell of an actionable video, people! Oh and puppies! Oh! And ridiculous dancing by yours truly.

If you want to learn how to write a product review that converts, click play. Like, now.

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  • Gl3nnym

    This has come at a perfect time. A couple of days ago I launched my first niche site with a product review and these tips will come in handy. Thanks and keep up the inspiring work!!!

    • Right on!! Happy it helps! Let us know if you have any questions 🙂