What Bed Are You Sleeping On?

JoshMindset4 Comments

I'm not talking about the one you lie down on at night when you go to bed.

I'm talking about the one you cuddle up to everytime you have to make a decision in your life.

Are you sleeping on a $3000, double pillow top, latex-bound, king size bed? If so i bet it feels great right? Reeeal comfortable. So much so that you would probably NEVER want to get out of it and make shit happen.

Now what if instead of your ultra-comfortable bed, you downgraded for something a little less extreme – maybe something you would normally find at IKEA.

Sure it wouldn't feel anywhere near as good, but at least you would be more likely to get out of bed and actually do something meaningful.

Now imagine how little time you would spend being lazy if you slept on a bed of nails?

Don't get comfortable.

Make shit happen.


  • Jordan

    Going to leave this open so I read it first thing in the morn, hopefully gets A into G! chur

    • Jill

      Awesome, let us know what you think 🙂

  • Haha “chur” is so freakin’ Kiwi! Hope things are going well for you over in Canadia mate.

  • Great success this morning! Chur guys – it is defo kiwi! Canadia is going good, missing land of Chiang Mai tho!