How To Use an Affiliate Network to Find Products

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If there is one thing we are becoming increasingly aware of these days it's that a few of you are having problems finding a product to promote. You're wondering how the hellyou can comb through the various competing websites in your niche (using this little hack) in a time-efficient way that doesn't require you to devote hours to product research.

We get it. We wouldn't want to do that either! So we decided to re-visit this sexy little topic of product research (it is sexy, isn't it?) and give you an alternative strategy that you can use to find your first product. Ready to learn how to use an affiliate network to find products? Click play and let's do this!

You're busy, we get that. Point, go bellow and read this week's full video transcript and stay up to date on all our affiliate networking hacks!


This week we’re revisiting an old topic which seems to be a recurring theme around these parts lately. We will be teaching you how to pick a product to promote without using our Amazon hack, but instead, picking a product within the affiliate networks. So let’s get into it.

Step #1 – What is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network is very simply a bunch of different merchants coming together under one platform where they’re promoting their products. Instead of one merchant having their affiliate program, which is just promoting the products on their site, it’s a whole bunch of different merchants coming together in one network that anyone can sign up to. the full transcript

Skip to the good stuff:

0:30 – What are we learning this week? It’s all about picking products…but with a new method!
0:50 – Have you heard of an affiliate network before? Let us tell you more!
2: 20 – Now that you’ve found a network, what do you do next?
3:25 – What do you do after you find your product?
4:45 – Have you looked into what sort of restrictions are placed on your chosen product?

A Little Bit About this Episode:

When you're first starting out with affiliate marketing, it can be challenging to figure out errrrrrythang you need to learn. We totally get it. We used to be right where you are. And it can feel daunting and scary.

But here's the thing: It's not. It's just a new task you have never done before, so of course it feels hard. Fortunately the process of picking a product to promote (just like every other skill you need to learn) becomes so so SO much easier the more you do it.

The trick is just to learn the basics and then keep improving on them….which is exactly what we're layin' down today.

Now if you've been around these parts long enough you will remember that a few months ago we taught you a handy little hack using your competitors to find your products. It's still a badass way to locate potentially profitable products to promote, but there is another way.

What is this other way I speak of?

Using the actual affiliate networks to hone in on which products are selling right now, and applying for the program right then and there.

So what are some of these networks we will be covering?

Oh just a few giants like OfferShot, ShareASale, MarketHealth, MoreNiche, hell even Amazon!

From there we'll even break down a quick way to find out if this new product of yours is going to be profitable using our basic form of keyword research (or you could get even more crafty and use our favourite tool – Long Tail Pro), helping you discard the products that aren't worth your time right from the get-go.

And from THERE we'll…actually, you know what? You're just going to have to click play and find out for yourself.

Ohhhhhh cliffhanger!

Look at me being all sneaky and suspenseful and whatnot.

Of course, if you want to skip this whole process, click here and learn what your options are! We've chosen about, oh, 57 different products already, so we kind of know what we're doing! True story.

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