[EP 28] The 7 NEW Tools We Live & Die By

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Confession: When Josh and I decided to go into business together nearly 3 years ago (wow! That snuck up fast!) we did everything the hard way. 

We didn't really consider time management. Improving our productivity never even dawned on us. And we were pretty much flying by the seat of our pants.

Hell, it was a struggle to even get me to consider using Google Drive!

I know. What was I thinking?

Skip ahead nearly 3 years and we are alllllll about the tools. So we wanted to share the love and knowledge, and break down 7 of our most favourite tools that we use in our business…so far.

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Words of Wisdom in This Week’s Podcast:

  • The ultimate app for maintaining a budget and keeping track of all your expenses
  • Two of the image design tools I go bananas over
  • Hands down the best website, sales pages, logo design service we have used to date
  • My fave landing page services…love it so much I could kiss the creator *wink wink*
  • Looking to get into webinars? You're gonna watch to try this platform now
  • Our brand new email service provider that totally rocks our world
  • Looking to brain dump in style? There's an app for that
  • My fave time of the poddy…Show us your tiiiiiips



  • Where are the links to each of them? Not that listening to you isn’t fun, but I don’t see the links to all of them.

    • Ahhh sorry about that – for some reason all of them didn’t make it into the post. That’s fixed now – they are just above here in the “Honourable mentions”

  • Rod

    Links?? Exactly Bill.

  • Really dug this one. I’m all about owning your time. Funny how we’re so resistant to try new things even though they can be total game changers.

  • Nice, caught up and found it! Thanks for the shout out guys. I’m going to be diplomatic about the sass and how it is distributed between the both of you. As for these tools I use LP but actually don’t regularly use the other 6 (which is weird, because usually when I see a list like this I’m good for 80%). Then again I’m not super on top of design or personal finance tools so you got me there.

    • Nice….glad you saw it and thank you for the kind words.

      I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s all Josh with the sass 😉

  • Casey Hamm

    Thank you for being so down to earth and hysterical!! Love the podcast!

    • Thanks so much Casey!! That means a lot to us 🙂

  • Ana Julia

    Hiii, I want to know the link to the last tool that Josh mentioned on the podcast

    Thanks and congratulations, I love you guys

    • Hey Ana! All the links to all the tools are listed in the resource heading on this page 🙂

      Are you referring to Coggle.it?

      • Ana Julia

        I think it is 🙂
        Thanks Jill!