Sales Funnel Series Part 1: The Read Magnet

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You know what sucks? Having a killer product, program or service and feeling stumped on how to sell it. I mean, let’s keep it real, sales are the lifeblood of our businesses! So when you’re struggling to get your offer in front of the people who are perfectly aligned with it, things can start to feel a little…ummm….stabby. Luckily, there … Read More

Revealed: The 5 Stages of Building an Online Business

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Let’s keep it real for a sec, Scroupies. Have you ever said anything like “am I doing it wrong?” to yourself while trying to build your business? What about, “I don’t know enough to do this”? Does that sound familiar? How about “what if I fail?”? Or “so-and-so has it all figured out”? Or even “I thought I would be making … Read More

3 Things You Should NOT be Doing in Your Business in 2017

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starting an online business

First things first… It’s 2017, Scroupies—a.k.a the year we all make magic happen in our business and do what it takes to chase our dreams down and turn them into a reality. *pops bottles* I don’t know about you, but I’m stupid-excited about it! After all, a new year brings about so many new opportunities and possibilities that it’s damn … Read More