The Ultimate Facebook Groups “Ask Me Anything”

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Facebook groups for business

Real talk: I’ve learned a LOT in the 2 years I’ve been managing the free Screw the Nine to Five FB group. From figuring out how to genuinely engage members and build a tight-knit community, to growing the group to over 40,000 members without spending a dime on ads to do it… Learning how to market the hell out of our business inside the … Read More

7 Stupid-Simple Facebook Group Growth Hacks

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facebook groups

Are Facebook groups *gasp* DEAD!?! I recently saw a FB ad preaching this in my newsfeed the other day and it struck a chord with me. I mean, think about it… Facebook groups? Dead?! It’s a scary thought—especially for those of us who are community builders, engagers and shapers. And as someone who has not only had a group for … Read More

Sales Funnel Series Part 4: The Core Offer

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sales funnel

Well, hot damn! You made it to Part 4 of our Sales Funnel Series! Look at you go. So since you’re on this page, I can safely assume that you’re interested in making bank with your sales funnels. And if so, rest assured…you’re our kinda people. But instead of me yammering on about all things Core Offers, why don’t we … Read More

Sales Funnel Series Part 3: The Intro Offer

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starting an online business

So you’ve been working your way through setting up your funnel and now you’re at that critical step. What step is that, you ask? The one where you start flexing your money-makin’ muscles and present your first offer to your hawt new subscriber. Obviously. Think you can just wing this step and go straight for the sell? Pfffft! Think again. … Read More

Sales Funnel Series Part 2: The Lead Magnet

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I’m just gonna come out and say it… When it comes to building an email list through sales funnels, I have a serious hate on for ebooks. I mean, I truly can’t stand them. And when people use them to try and boost their sales funnel conversions? I cringe. Which is why we’re lettin’ loose in this episode and breaking … Read More