What Bed Are You Sleeping On?

JoshMindset4 Comments

I’m not talking about the one you lie down on at night when you go to bed. I’m talking about the one you cuddle up to everytime you have to make a decision in your life. Are you sleeping on a $3000, double pillow top, latex-bound, king size bed? If so i bet it feels great right? Reeeal comfortable. So … Read More

Fitting Out

JoshMindset2 Comments

Why is it that from the moment we’re born, most people travel down a path that would eventually lead to us fitting into societies requirements as to how we should live our lives. Perhaps it has something to do with our overwhelming need for connection. To be apart of something is to connect with others who are apart of the … Read More

A Mondayitis Motivation Moment

JillMindset10 Comments

Mondays. I used to hate ’em. They were always filled with mile-long to-do lists and an overwhelming “how the hell am I going to get through it all?” sensation. And no matter how hard I worked that day, I always seemed to feel better on Tuesdays. I don’t know why but that’s just me. Then I stumbled upon a wicked … Read More

Lessons From the Koh Tao Mafia

JoshLifestyle9 Comments

When living on a small island in the Bay Of Thailand you can hear some pretty crazy shit. For instance, a couple we met here moved into an apartment right next to Jill’s yoga studio. The place they found was a really nice one bedroom apartment, fully decked out with beautiful chic Thai furniture, dark hardwood floors – plus it … Read More