What Bed Are You Sleeping On?

JoshMindset4 Comments

I’m not talking about the one you lie down on at night when you go to bed. I’m talking about the one you cuddle up to everytime you have to make a decision in your life. Are you sleeping on a $3000, double pillow top, latex-bound, king size bed? If so i bet it feels great right? Reeeal comfortable. So … Read More

Why Money Can Make You Miserable

JillLifestyle10 Comments

Before we left Toronto I met up with a girlfriend I knew back in my bartending days, G. G was always one of my favourite girls to chill with, and even though we didn’t see a lot of each other, I always knew when we did meet up we would spend most of our time laughing, girl talking and just … Read More

301 Redirect Your Fear

JillBlog8 Comments

Running your own lifestyle business can be scary. Really scary. Not knowing how many sales you will get today can be scary. Not knowing whether your site is going to get slapped in the next update can be scary. Not knowing why your traffic isn’t converting as well this month as it was last month can be scary. Not knowing … Read More