Glimpse: Songkran Chiang Mai, Thailand

JillTravel2 Comments

By far one of the wildest festivals we have taken part in so far has been Songkran Chiang Mai.

Known as the biggest water fight in the world, Songkran is the most famous festival in Thailand and is a 3 day (but seems to be stretched out over 5 days) long weekend to celebrate the traditional Thai new year – an important event in the Buddhist calendar.

This chaotic long weekend is also used as a time to visit family and elders  as well as travelling to their local Buddhist temples to give monks food, pray and gently pour water over the Buddha.

While there is a spiritual side to Songkran, it is the water fight that takes centre stage.

Centered around the moat area of the city, the streets are lined with locals and tourists alike armed with water guns, buckets and hoses ready to douse anyone who walks, or drives, by.

But instead of me blabbing on and on about it, why not click play and get a glimpse into the madness that is Songkran Chiang Mai!


  • Hey guys are you still in Chiang Mai? Maybe we’ll run into each other.

    • Jill

      We sure are! Are you guys here? We’d love to get together 🙂