Snack Street Beijing, China: From Strawberries to Scorpions

JillTravel2 Comments

If you're ever traveling through Beijing, one place you have to hit up is a legit local street affectionately named Snack Street.

It is a walking street compromised of 3 different small streets lined with food vendors hawking every possible edible item you could think of, and some you could never imagine…like a horrendously huge tarantula on a stick! *shudders*

From barbecued corn and candy-coated strawberries to deep fried scorpions and dead seahorses, noodle soups to meat on sticks, this area boasts a little something for everyone.

Not hungry? Get your shop on at one of my many stalls overflowing with “genuine fake” goods and even some local artwork.

It's one hell of a street that is constantly teeming with people looking to shop and barter and is a must-see if you plan on traipsing around Beijing's CBD.

And if your patience hits a limit while on Snack Street (it's not hard to do, trust me) head across the street to Wangfujing mall – a slice of Western heaven for those who may be twitching with annoyance after getting bumped and bashed by nearly every person you pass.

Ready to challenge your self-imposed food status? Click play.


  • Ali

    Jossshhheeeyyy! Gross!

    • Jill

      SO gross!