[Ep 119] How To Find Your Audience Online

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Wanna know one of the biggest mistakes we see webpreneurs making, allllll the time?

It’s one we've made ourselves…

For like, oh, a solid year.

And it’s a pretty basic mistake, based on a pretty basic assumption.

What’s the assumption?

That the more people you target, the better your chances are of success.




And I wish we’d known this from the beginning, but the truth is it's damn near impossible to build a successful business if you don't know:

  1. Who your audience is, and
  2. Where they hang out.

But here's what we learned:

Your audience is most definitely NOT everyone.

And they are most definitely NOT everywhere.

What's more is we wasted a solid year, and a whole bunch of time, effort and yes, even money, trying to wing it before we realized this.

It was a mess.

So what did we learn?

Well, you need to be present in the places that have the most influence for you.

You need to be talkin’ to the right people, right from the start.


It's simple, streamlined, and even process-driven….oh la la!

And we’re breakin’ it down for you right now.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • How to find the right audience online, and why it’s important
  • What happens if you find the wrong audience?
  • Paid vs organic traffic: How to track down your audience using both
  • How to do filtered keyword research and find your people
  • The importance of creating tailored content to target your community
  • Are you solving a ‘how to’ problem, or meeting a social need?
  • Which platform is the most effective for you and how do you find that out?
  • The website that will help you find influencers and target the right social channels

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