Refurbishing Your Content

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Anyone who creates content on the regular knows how challenging it can be to keep up with the incessant lust for devouring content online users have developed in recent years.

It can get overwhelming and bang-your-head-on-the-table-frustrating trying to consistently think up new topics each week that (hopefully) appeal to your readers, viewers, listeners or customers.

In fact, I think it may just be one of the hardest parts of my side of the business. 

That's why I nearly cried tears of joy when I heard Chris Ducker speak on refurbishing content.

Refurbishing Content? What? How? Why?

We all have enough on our plates when trying to run an online business – from marketing the hell out of it to creating content that will keep our visitors engaged to pulling rank in Google to making coin – sometimes we need a little help.

The What

Essentially, refurbishing content is the process of using your existing content and creating new forms of media with it.

If you take a moment to think of all the different forms of content you consume on a weekly basis you should be able to come up with a solid list of ways to reuse your content.

From blog posts to videos, transcriptions to audio files, slideshares to infographics your options are only limited by your own creativity.

The How

There are a plethora of different ways you can refurbish your content to help you cater to users who may prefer other avenues for consuming content.

For example, if you are a regular blogger but want to cater to a new audience of podcasters, consider dictating and recording your blogpost.  From there you can use that recording to create an audio file or podcast that users can then download, either from your site or a network such as SoundCloud.

Alternatively, if you are a vlogger but would like to appeal to those who prefer to read instead of watch, hire a VA for a few dollars an hour that will transcribe your video for you. You can then use that transcription below your video for anyone who may not be into watching a 5 minute video.

Not only are you serving two needs on one page but you are also adding a big chunk of written content to an entry that would typically consist of mainly a video file. And if you have been around these parts long enough you know that Google luuurrrrves quality written content.

Speaking of video, you could always consider splitting up a longer video file into short and sweet pieces of content. For example if you create a video in which you cover three or four different points, split those up into 3 or 4 stand alone videos.

Just be sure each video drives home a specific point and is brimming with value, otherwise you could be wasting the viewer's time.

Another option could be to bring your facts to life by creating an infographic (using a rad little free site called or a slideshare presentation from your post.

Not only do infographics spread like wildfire on networks such as Pinterest but you can also upload them to infographic directories for other people to embed on their site.

And you know what that means, don't you? Organic backlinks, baby!

Before you know it you will have used one post and created 4 different pieces of content out of it, without having to devote hours upon hours of your precious time to the process. *fist pump*

The Why

As I mentioned above, web surfers are content hungry. In fact, they are famished. They can't get enough and if you want to expand your reach and target as many of them as possible you need to start wrapping your head around refurbishing your content.

Not only will you get more eyeballs consuming your work but you will be able to form a consistent presence on different networks you may not have considered before.

From that one simple process you could be gaining a whole new audience thirsting for your latest [insert media here], sharing with their friends and spreading your genius for all the web to see.

Well, maybe not the whole web. That's a lot of fucking people!