Ready, Willing and Waiting

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I have been wanting to get my ass in gear and start writing this one post for SO long. To start this site. To start documenting the lifestyle that we consider ourselves so fortunate to be living.

And yet I'm not sure why today is the day I have decided to start.

After all, as I sit here writing it's cold, dark and gloomy outside…a typical November day in Canada. A day that would usually knock my spirit down a notch. But surprisingly I feel upbeat. I feel positive. I feel grateful. I feel elated. I feel optimistic.

Typically on a day like today – all gloomy and dreary – I would mope around, wishing we were gone.

Gone on another adventure.

Challenging ourselves and seeing parts of this vast planet that have the power to momentarily take your breath away as you marvel at its crazy beauty.

But no, today I am stuck in our shitty apartment listening to the drunken couple below us scream hatred towards each other – an unfortunate yet regular occurrence here – but today it doesn't affect me.

Maybe it is because we are a mere 11 days away from leaving for our wedding in Costa Rica. A moment in our story where we turn the page to a new chapter. One where we live the life we want to live, in a country we want to be in, running the business we have been working so hard towards for this entire year.

I'm not going to pretend it's been an easy year. It's probably been one of the most challenging years we have had together – full of ups and downs, successes and obstacles, belly laughs and tense words.

But we are stronger than that, stronger than this one year, determined and capable of living a much better life.

And that is where this website comes in. This site is us. It is our story. Our life. Our business. Our recreation. Our outlet.

It is where we will be documenting our adventure from saying goodbye to everyone we love more than anything, taking the plunge, hopping on a plane, moving to Thailand and who knows what else!

It is the reason why we have chosen to say screw the 9 – 5, to say to hell with the conventional, and to live the life we love – because we are free.

Free to do what we want, be who we want, live how we want, meet who we want, work how we want, eat what we want, drink what we want, and love how we want.

It is our story and we cannot wait to share it with you.


  • mame

    Come on……I want to read more!!!! This is a teaser!

  • Ali

    Ahh – this post gave me goose bumps! CANNOT wait to follow along on your adventures xo

    • Jill

      awww thanks Al xoxo