How To Put Your Keyword Research on Auto-Pilot with Spencer Haws

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Last week we started diving into the ins and outs of how to run basic keyword research using the Google keyword planner. Well this week we're stepping things up a notch,bringing Spencer Haws onto the show, and breaking down how to put your keyword research on auto-pilot, with Long Tail Pro.

Oh and Josh finally gets a chance to geek out over his love for Long Tail Pro. Click play to see how Long Tail Pro can work for your niche, and why keyword research is absolutely essential to your site's success!


This week we’re talking all about how you can start crushing your competition. And not just crushing them, but outranking them in Google with just a few clicks of a button. Now, I know that sounds a little bit crazy, but I assure you it is possible. Just ask our guest this week, Spencer Haws. Spencer Haws is the creator or; a website dedicated to teaching others how to create and monetize profitable niche sites. He is also the founder and creator of our favourite keyword research tool, Long Tail Pro; a software that helps you locate profitable low competition keywords that you can use to outrank your competition. With big name marketers like Pat Flynn and the EmpireFlippers singing the praises of this software, it is a robust tool that helps you put your keyword research on autopilot.

And in case that’s not enough, he also just launched RankHero, a private content network where users can sign up to drive high powered links to their websites. the full transcript

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0:30 – This week we’re talking all about crushing the competition.
0:48 – Introducing Spencer Haws; this week’s guest.
2:40 – Spencer gives the full low down on how he got started and his journey thus far.
5:25 – The importance of replacing your 9-5 income before quitting your day job.
6:15 – Getting back to keywords, we discuss how (if at all) Hummingbird has affected keyword research
9:00 – We dish details on how to use the Average Keyword Competition (KC) tool in Long Tail Platinum
13:00 – A break down on RankHero
13: 45 – Discussing how there are new search terms created each and everyday and how to find them.
14:55 – How should we approach keyword research in 2014?
17:54 – Touching base on link building and it’s importance.
20:15 – Spencer’s plans for 2014 and where you can find him

A Little Bit About this Episode:

Last week we started dipping our toes into the more strategical side of creating and monetizing an affiliate site, and kicked things off with a full explanation on how to run basic keyword research using the Google keyword planner tool.

It was an episode we were super jacked to release because it signified that we're really starting to get into the nitty gritty of what it takes to not only run a niche site, but monetize it.

What's even better is we got a ton of amazing emails from people telling us how thankful they were for the episode, because up until then they hadn't even heard of keyword research! *picks jaw up off the floor*

So we decided to expand upon the topic and thought who better to bring onto the show than Spencer Haws— the creator of Long Tail Pro and  niche marketer over at

I mean, after all, the man invented one of the greatest keyword research tools out there (which we have used for nearly every site we own, including our case study websites!) , so we figured who else would be better to talk about keyword research than him!

And laaawwwwwd did he deliver! Just click play to steal his strategies or scroll up to download your free PDF transcript, and get to readin' because this episode is too good to miss out on!

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  • Kat

    Great video guys. What do you think about bringing sites back from the dead? I have a small niche site that was first page of Google and making sales before Hummingbird. It’s back in 100th spot now with my long tail keywords the hardest hit. I am working on getting it back to Page 1 but feel like I might be putting in all this effort for nothing.

    I am however ranking page 1 for the keyword “Tin Can”. Thanks Google.

    Have you found that any of your sites that were hit by Hummingbird have recovered? Or have you moved on?
    Thanks! Just over three week until #TTT


    • Baaahahaha “tin can”! What a useless keyword!!

      So far the sites that took a hit haven’t recovered, but that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually once the search results calm the eff down and start evening out again.

      As for your site – were you targeting longtails that seem to be targeted by big authority sites like the WebMDs, Wikipedias, and About.coms out there? If so, it might be worth setting up a site and targeting a set of branded keywords. That’s what we’ve started doing for our second site in our case study and so far it’s working a treat!! Much easier to gain traction right now with those kind of sites than the ones that target the topic-based longtails 🙂

      Does that help at all?

      • Kat

        You guys are awesome 🙂

        Its funny, my keywords don’t seem to have been targeted by any big authority sites, the search results haven’t really changed that much except my site isn’t frekin there haha. Im thinking maybe Google didn’t like some of my backlinks (from blog directories etc.)

        I love what you are saying about branded keywords and will focus on that this week.Thanks so much for the advice!

        If I figure out how to make millions off the keyword “tin can” i will let you know….

        • Kat did you have your links on shady directories? If so, that could definitely be it.

          Have you considered doing any guest blogging for your site? Or even better driving high authority links and creating your own private network?

          Either way, lots to talk about at TTT…like how to monetize tin cans! lol

    • Josh Stanton

      Yet another example of the randomness of Google updates. Don’t worry things always seem to settle down eventually 😉

      Jill’s right in that the sites which are doing well now are targeting branded keyword terms. The reason being is that the larger content networks like webmed, wikipedia,, etc are less likely to use branded terms in their content. Combine that with the fact that for Google to deem a page relevant to, let’s say the term “naturaful” or “finulite”, they need to be able to see that EXACT term appear somewhere on the page.

      The only recommendation I would have now is to target the lesser known brands and products that have a bit of a cult following. Popular brands are likely to be too competitive and more difficult to hit page one with.

      The other great thing about this technique is you don’t need a lot of traffic to make sales. We have one site that make $500/month off less than 1000 visits. In other words that’s 50c per visitor…not a bad return at all.

  • Hey Josh, thanks for doing the interview! I had a great time talking keywords, niche sites, and everything else. Glad the video turned out 🙂

    • Thank you SO much for coming on Spencer! That was a monster of an episode 🙂

  • Tung Tran

    Nice interview 🙂 The video is very professional

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