The Power of Private Blog Networks with Glen Allsopp

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If there is one thing we've become insanely obsessed with lately, it's creating our own private network of high authority websites to link and rank all our affiliate sites. Why?Oh I don't know, because it's ridiculously effective, you can control the quality of your links, and best of all, they are one of the best solutions to your SEO woes that's working right now.

And it's not just us who dig them, Glen Allsopp from is also a massive fan of creating his own networks to soar up the search rankings and make some big money while doing it. Need another reason to get involved with private blog networks? Click play and listen to his story and strategies.

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Okay, we get it, not everyone likes watching videos, so we decided to make it an easy decision for you and have included full transcript for you bellow.


Today we’re talking about one of our favourite topics: SEO. We’re not going to be talking about general SEO, we’re going to be talking about things like private blog networks.

To help us out, we called on our friend Glen Allsopp from the insanely popular blog ViperChill, to weigh in and give you tips on how to start your own private blog network Glen Allsopp is the creator and voice behind the insanely popular internet marketing blog ViperChill.

Known for his fierce anonymity, Glen is one of the few marketers online who not only knows his stuff, but has the proof to back it up. Still only in his 20’s, he has been featured by some of the biggest names online such as Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker and a young Alex Becker. Not to mention scores of other websites such as Income Diary, The Guardian and even

A true force to be reckoned with, he recently launched his ViperChill podcast, which after only a few short weeks, hit number one on iTunes. the full transcript

Skip to the Good Stuff:

1:00 – Introducing Glen Allsopp. SEO genius.
2:02 – Glen gives us his background story, and how he got into the online word.
5:14 – We’re talking about what Glen thinks is going on with Google in 2014.
7:05 – We discuss how difficult it can be to drive natural traffic to niche sites and define what private blog networks (PBNs) are.
11:00 – How to go about building your PBN.
12:00 – How Josh finds and builds his link networks.
13:00 – What Glen focuses on when it comes to choosing expired domains.
14:45 – What are the chances that Google will pick up on this increase in PBNs and start penalizing you?
15:50 – The importance of staying private from Google and how to achieve this privacy.
16:20 – What should you be focusing on in terms of ranking in Google this year? Glen gives his answer!
22:00 – Want to learn more about Glen and how to get in with his PBN?

A Little Bit About this Episode:

If there is one thing each and every website on the internet needs, it's SEO, or more specifically, backlinks to help improve your SEO and bump you up in the search rankings.

After all, how is anyone ever going to find your website if you don't have any way of ranking for your most profitable keywords?

Simple answer? They won't. And all of your hard work building your website, finding your keywords, and writing your content will have been for nothing.

And we don't want that.

But how do you start ranking if you are new to SEO and online marketing in general? Well, you could check out our post from last week where we give you some basic and easy-to-understand, yet actionable, SEO strategies that you can start using right away.

Or you could dive into the deep end and start immersing yourself in the world of private blog networks. I know, that probably sounds like a whole bunch of gibberish to you. But here's the thing; If you want to rank on Google you have to either start learning SEO a-freakin'-sap, or rent links from a reliable source you trust.

Fortunately, we've got you covered. And to help you out even more, we called on our friend Glen Allsopp from the rabidly popular website to talk a little SEO shop with our resident SEO hoe, Josh.

Trust me, these two dudes cover it all—from the current state of Google to how to gain powerful links, the power of private blog networks, what metrics to look at if you want to build one yourself, and how to protect your PBN if you do create one. It's all here, baby!

So what are you waiting for? Click play or download your PDF transcript above and let's get into it.

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  • Nice quick and easy to digest interview guy,s a few things to look into some more, especially the .htaccess vs robots.txt method for blocking crawlers.

    You can never be too careful..! 🙂

  • ViperChill

    Thanks for having me on the show. Very cool way of displaying the audio. How did you guys do that? 🙂

  • ViperChill

    P.S. I say we developed a plugin but I’m really referring to an awesome member of private our community, Daryl, who gave us full permission to use and share it. Anyone who needs it is welcome to mail me 🙂

    • Mail sent 😉

    • Josh Stanton

      P.S. my network is nice and stealthy again because of that plugin 🙂

  • Kat

    Great interview guys, heaps of great information and ideas that I will be looking into 🙂

    • Josh Stanton

      Glad you liked it Kat!

  • Some of the most practical PBN info I’ve seen. Awesome stuff guys

    • That’s what we like to hear! *high five* James!

  • Josh Stanton

    For sure man, links are more important to us than PA and DA and it’s something that we’re taking even more seriously now that a lot of people are turning to PBN’s for their SEO needs.

    It’s funny that you mention finding some of our sites, as we sort of touched on this in the interview. The plugin we were using stopped blocking link indexers like moz and Majestic. Glen’s private plugin seems to work a lot better though. Plus we’re also switching over to a better hosting provider who offer separate A class ip addresses, which is a step up from the previous host who only offered c-class ip’s.

    Sometimes I wish SEO would just stand still for a minute but the reality is it’s always changing and it’s nice to be able to speak to people like Glen every now and then who throw out those little nuggets of gold that really help in the long run.

    Good luck in Bali mate, it’s a good choice from what I hear. Make sure you check out Thailand while you’re in South East Asia as well!

  • Ncik

    I may be wrong, but isn’t your/a Private Blog Network just the same as a Link Network?
    It’s a good biz because once you get a customer, (s)he needs to pay in a recurrent basis forever so not to lose the links on the spot. However, these private networks are being penalized BIG time by Google, and taken down on the spot as well.

    • Josh Stanton

      Hey man, okay so firstly we offer 3 services for PBNs and two of those are based off owning your own network that we don’t have control over. The renting option is available for anyone who wants to test out how well our PBN works before committing to creating their own. As far as being penalized for owning your own PBN, we are yet to suffer a penalty as we make the following precautions to prevent that from happening:

      1. We make sure the sites we add to our PBN have legitimate backlink portfolios (no spam links).
      2. They all exist on completely separate a-class ip addresses.
      3. They all look different to each other (we use unique WordPress themes for each site on our PBN).
      4. The content we create is 100% themed (based around the main topic we assign to the site which is relevant to what the site used to be about before it expired).
      5. We only use unique content.
      6. We place no more than 2 links in each post (20 links in total per site).

      We also recommend that people build others types of links as well (social, web 2.0, guest posting) in order to vary the anchor text profile for their money sites. PBNs should be used in conjunction with other link building techniques to ensure no penalties occur in the future (that is if Google decides they want to start penalizing people who own small PBNs – let alone figure out HOW to penalize such networks).

      Hope that all makes sense now.

  • Ncik

    Yo yo, whatsup why my comments are deleted.
    PBN is the same as Link Networks. Good biz recurring revenues, but bad endings. Google taking down so many of them networks.
    What guarantee do your clients have…? AND: stop paying and your links are GONE!
    Supp with that.Peace brothers.

  • russ

    The authors of the Zamurai PBN Blueprint have compiled a thorough step-by-step course that is intended to teach subscribers about the various ways that they can create their personal private blog network. The idea behind the Zamurai PBN Blueprint Review is to help subscribers find ways of developing their own private network without unnecessary expenses.

  • Amazing interview and tips shared here. Thanks guys to bring these PBN tips and how to go about building PBN’s even at time when all the SEO’s are freaking out about what’s happening. As a person who Screwed the 9-5 last October since then the life as local SEO consultant and agency owner in London, this resonates with the journey. Inviting all you who loves to Screw the 9-5 to connect with me at and share the freedom lifestyle and experiences.

  • Garat

    I do think Glen was such a role model a few years back.

    But guys, be careful with focusing on just affiliate products or PBN networks, its not a long-term strategy and will not build you a stable business.

    • But it makes for a great starting point and can help you get out of your 9-5…so for that, we totally stand behind it 🙂

  • Gilson Silva
  • Christine P

    Hello there,
    Just to say thank you for the great ideas, which I believe will help me  to get a lot of customers.I don’t agree with some of  the opinions shared in “Ultimate Niche Site Breakdown”