Peep this: With Google rolling out constant changes to their algorithm, one thing is for sure: More so than ever, you need a reliable way to build authoritative links to your website.

Mass link building does NOT work anymore. Instead, you need to control exactly where your links appear and what anchor text they are using.

Why? With Google cracking down on different SEO practices, one of the safest ways to ensure you hit Page 1 is to create your own private network of high-authority websites that you use strictly for linking purposes.

I know, I know, it sounds like gibberish. But here’s the thing: Unless you plan on sitting around and waiting for a popular website to link to you, you aren't going to see any traffic or rankings, let alone sales!

And without sales, you don’t have a business. You have a hobby.

Building our own private network of high-authority websites has been the single biggest game-changer in our business. And not only has it been a game-changer, but it is solely responsible for doubling our daily sales and knocking our main competitor out of the number one spot on Google.

So, how can you take action and create the kind of success you crave? Just take a look at the options below to get you started on the road towards the top spot on Google…

The “Hands Off” Package (full private blog network)

We know firsthand that sometimes getting the work done for you is the easiest, and least time-consuming option. This package is designed for anyone looking to get up to 100 supercharged links with very little time involvement at all.

Here's what you get:

  1. 5 Powerful Domains Dedicated To You (valued at $1000)
    Each domain will have a Page Authority of more than 30, which is more than enough to help your site climb to the top of Google quickly and easily. That $1000 value estimate may sound crazy, however if you were to buy similar domains to what we're offering on Godaddy Auctions, they would each cost close to $200 each.
  2. Free Domain Name Registration (valued at $50)
    To help you get up and running straight away, we decided to pay for the first years registration and Whois Privacy
  3. 100% Free Lifetime Web Hosting (valued at $120/year) 
    Because hosting can get expensive, we decided to give it to you for free. Your sites will exist on our high speed, reliable Hostgator server. That means you don't have to worry about monthly hosting repayments, EVER. If you were to pay for this yourself, it would cost you $120/year.
  4. WordPress & Plugin Installation
    Installing WordPress and activating the right plugins can get time consuming. Fortunately you don't have to worry about any of it. Your sites come ready to go!
  5. Action Guide To Show You How To Write Content & Insert Links
    The only thing you will need to do is write the content and insert the links. To help you out with this, you'll get an action guide that shows you how to write content for your sites, plus the correct way to go about inserting links into your articles.

To get your hands on your own dedicated Private Blog Network, just follow the order link below and we'll take it from there…

The “Your Eyes Only” Package (Most Popular)

If you think you have to skills to setup your own private network, then this package will be perfect for you. Because the most difficult part of setting up a private network is finding the domains, you can literally steal them from us.

We have a secret system that we use to discover domains which have recently expired that also happen to still contain a lot of inbound links. It's these domains that we use to build our private blog network that continuously allow us to rank in the top 3 spots of Google time and time again.

Here's what you get:

  1. 5 Domains Sent Directly to Your Inbox (valued at $1000)
    We'll send you an email revealing to you your 5 domains names. Then all you need to do is go to and register each of them before moving forward.
  2. Each Have a Page Authority of 30+
    Page authority (PA) is's way of ranking websites based off their inbound links. It's a scale from 0-100 with 0 being the lowest PA and 100 being the highest. If you were to purchase these individually on Godaddy Auctions, it could cost you up to $200 per domain. We know this because that's what we used to do!
  3. 100% Spam Proofed
    Our team have already been advised to check to make sure each domain they find is completely legitimate. That means the links pointing into your 5 domains come from relevant, authoritative sites and NOT through shady black hat techniques.
  4. Site Setup Guide
    We'll also hand you over our exact step-by-step guide for setting up these sites, including which plugins to use to make sure your private blog network will work at maximum capacity.
  5. Action Guide To Show You How To Write Content & Insert Links
    Plus you will also get the action guide that shows you how to write content for your sites, plus the correct way to go about inserting links into your articles.

Because this is our most popular package, we have to run it on a first come first served basis. We already have people on a waiting list and everyday we seem to get more and more wanting to order this package.

Therefore make sure to submit your order now using the button below so you don't have to wait too long to get your domains…