Penang, Malaysia: Mouthwatering Food and Beautiful Contradictions

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If you have ever wanted to get a taste for truly local Malay dishes, head to Penang, Malaysia – a small island off the coast of Malaysia that boasts some of the tastiest goddamn food to ever tickle your tastebuds.

Made famous by Anthony Bourdain, the street food is where you will get a real glimpse into the culture and cuisine of Malaysia.

From street-side stalls to gourmet Western cafes and restaurants, bright coloured streets to hill-top temples, pristine coastline to dingy alleyways lined with creative street art; Penang is a beautiful mashup of old-style colonial heritage infused with classic Malaysian flavour and is an absolute must-see for anyone planning a trip to South East Asia.

Just be sure to bring your appetite. And toilet paper. The bathrooms are horrendous and tissue-less.

Hungry? Click play and enjoy your 2 minute webcation.



  • What a great vid! Takes me back to some of the best food I’ve ever had! Well done!

    • Jill

      Thanks Nicholas, so happy you liked it! And I wish I could eat Char kway teow every freakin’ day!

  • Jill nice video of Penang checkout Malacca if your down that way sometime. Love your site and it’s style good luck! If your doing a visa run in Mae Sai some time give me a shout.

    • Jill

      Thanks so much Neale, and thanks for signing up to our newsletter 🙂

      Digging your site as well!

      So you’re up in Chiang Rai?

      • I’m actually in Mae Sai now. My GF has a bicycle shop in Chiang Rai and we have opened two more in the last year, the latest in Mae Sai come hang out when you do a border run.

        • Jill

          Oh that would be awesome! I’ll be sure to keep in touch and let you know when we’re around that way 🙂

  • OK Penang food officially looks amazing! I’m sorry for dissing it on my post – I think we were just nostalgic for Thai som tam, sticky rice, and tom yum!

    To be fair to Penang, the nasi kandar is AMAZING, and the laksa is pretty great. Did you ever try fish head curry? We got scared by the name, but now I kinda wish we’d given it a go.


    • Jill

      hahahaha don’t feel sorry…I definitely understand how Malaysia can be overwhelming. I think it big time helped us out that we went with a couple who lives in KL and the girl spoke Malay 🙂

      I think we did try fish head curry…I think I just ate the cheek though whereas Josh will eat the freakin’ EYES!!! *gag*

      But yeah, we found Penang to be pretty freakin’ badass…definitely our favourite spot in Malaysia!