Our Story: From 2 Sales in 2 Months to Over 10k a Month

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There's not much I don't talk about on this site. But when Matt wrote in asking for us to tell our story I realized that is one thing we haven't really shared…up until now.

As always, we have included the written transcription below for all of you non-video watchin' folk. Just go bellow and learn how we went from 2 sales to over $10,000 a month.


Okay we're going to talk about our journey, from start to finish.

Initially when we first got started, we started making affiliate sites with a focus on making bigger (or  “authority”) sites. So what we would do is set up these affiliate sites and then drive traffic to the sites in hopes that readers would click our affiliate links within the review post we wrote.

These links would then go through to the merchant's site where ideally the reader would purchase that  product. If they did buy the product through our affiliate link, we would get a commission. ...show the full transcript

Skip Ahead to the Good Stuff:

1:15 – our first attempt at making money online and why it didn't work
1:57 – how guest posting changed everything for us
2:49 – what happened because of this shift in strategy
3:30 – the one thing that cut our income in half
4:30 – how to structure your anchor text to avoid a Google slap
5:08 – the best thing we've ever done for ourselves and our business
6:41 – the new structure for running our business
8:18 – the new direction for Screw the Nine to Five

A Little Bit About This Episode:

There's not much we don't talk about on this site, from our many stresses to our success, my struggle with homesickness to why moving to Southeast Asia was the best thing for us, backlinking to keyword research, we don't really hold back.

But one thing it seems as though you guys wanted to hear is our story—how we got to where we are today. So we're givin' it to you! Wait, “givin' it to you” came out wrong. But you know what I mean. Don't you?

Moving on…

In this week's episode we're talking about our humble beginnings, the depressing state we were in, how we climbed out of that hole, the one thing that changed everything with our affiliate sites, how we have had to overcome some serious Google slaps, to the structure we have created for our business today.

It's all in the episode. So click play or download the transcript and let's get into it.

Your turn: What has your journey been like? Have you already escaped the 9-5 or are you still in the planning stages? And will more actionable training videos and expert interviews help you along your path to financial freedom? Dish your thoughts below!

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  • I hope you had a relaxing time in Cambodia.

    I find this kind of post/video SUPER helpful and can’t wait for the case study.

    • Jill

      Thanks Janet, the trip has been amazing!

      And I’m seriously SO thrilled to hear you found the video helpful…we didn’t know if anyone would really dig it or not. Especially because we tend to ramble 😉

      But I guess that second-guessing yourself part is natural when putting out something this personal 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, you made our night!

  • Man I miss you guys! Going out for street food in Chiang Mai and talking Keyword research with Josh or going for a swim and ending up meeting Jill for an hour long chat.. You guys are two in a million.. All the best with your business!

    • Jill

      Awww Adam, we miss you two like crazy!! CM just isn’t the same without you two 🙂

      Please come back sooner than later so Josh has someone to talk SEO with again lol!!

      Keep us in the loop with how things are going with you, Amanda, and baby C….and your gazillion sites as well!

      Much love

  • Thanks man, we miss you guys too. It sucks not having anyone who wants to talk about keyword research with me. Apparently some people find it “boring”, which makes absolutely no sense at all to me!

    Hope all is well back home and say g’day to the family for us…soon to be one more!

  • This is really inspiring. To know that you went from practically one sale per day to over $1000 per month to essentially $10k per month is very motivating.

    • Jill

      Thanks Grace, we’re happy to hear it was so well received 🙂

      And not one sale a day girlfriend…2 sales in TWO MONTHS! Yeah. Talk about depressing! lol

      But that’s the key takeaway here—even when things are depressing/defeating and you think you might give up, you have to keep pushing through it because things do eventually give way to success 🙂

      Hope you’ll stick around for the new direction in 2014!

  • Hey guys

    Great post. I assume you’ve replaced us with some nearly as awesome people on ‘the table’. We’re loving Australia so far, and we had Poutine the other day – no one told us they had such amazing food in Canada! Made us think of you guys.

    Hope you enjoy your break


    • Jill

      Incorrect. The table has been taken over by unknowns! In fact, we haven’t even been to Pun much for the last few weeks…it’s lost its special somethin’!

      We attribute it to you two not being there to hold down the fort anymore 😉

      And I can’t even listen to you talk about Poutine! It’s hands-down my biggest vice and just the thought of you two eating it makes me quiver with envy….and rage hahaha 😉

      Miss you both! Come back to Asia pllllleeeeeeaaaaassssseeee!

  • Jill,

    What an INSPIRATIONAL story you have here. I’ve been hit by the recent Penguin update and all my niche sites have been “dead” since.

    I wish I can make a ballsy move and do what you did….

    Glad to found your blog!

    • Jill

      Happy to have you around these parts!

      Have you figured out why you were hit? Anchor text?? That can be easily fixed if you do want to revive your sites 🙂

      OR you could just build new ones! We have a whole shebang coming out in 2014 teaching our method for creating/growing/monetizing niche sites if you want to stick around for that?

      Glad you dug the episode 🙂

  • Ali

    Love the honest episode Jilly, you have come so far in the last 2 years, and always keeping it new and interesting!

    • Jill

      Thanks Ali 🙂