You Did What on Your Honeymoon?

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I was tempted to start this post off making sexy-time innuendos, but what we really did on our honeymoon was….work.

Don't get me wrong; we frolicked, we boat-cruised, we snorkelled, we trekked, we cliff jumped, we rode elephants, we ate, we drank, and we had tons of…wait…what?

The point is we honeymooned and honeymooned hard. More on that later.

But we also felt the lure to put in a few hours of work whenever we had the time because, well, we freakin' love what we do!

I know most people don't get it. I can imagine our friends gazing blankly at us, wondering “why the hell did you work on your honeymoon”?

But for us it's fun to work. It's exciting to make progress. It's satisfying to tick the tasks off your to-do list.

So what can one work on during their honeymoon?

Well, we scheduled posts for our sites, resized images, edited a video, wrote our newsletters, made a few coding tweaks, wrote a couple of guest posts, updated our sales sheets, and dealt with menial admin tasks. Nothing earth-shattering but tasks that help to keep us ahead in our day-to-day work routine.

And it's because we are so blessed to have this lifestyle that we are so freakin' jacked to work on our business as much as we can. Even if it's on our honeymoon.

So yeah, we worked but like I said we also honeymooned, hard.

We chose Railay Beach. God damn that place is amazing!

Nestled between towering limestone streaked cliffs, Railay Beach is the kind of place you would imagine a lusty tropical tryst to take place in. Simply put, it's striking.

We stayed on East Beach which was our favourite locale for all things food, drinks and entertainment. From fire twirlers to Muay Thai fights, house music Djs to live acoustic guitar, 70 bhat curries to gourmet Western dishes, we spent each night on the east side (side note: I feel an urge to make a gangsta hand gesture).

But not until we were done with West Beach.

Ahhh West Beach. The most picturesque and chilled out spot to not only watch the sunset but to watch different people doing different, random things.

We're talking fire twirling, hula hooping, frisbee'ing, bike riding, mini hovercraft flying (I'm serious), dancing, kayaking, running, guitar playing, singing, laughing, drinking, and picture posing. Okay that last one was mostly me.

Bike riding in Railay Beach

It was the most chill circus I had ever been to.

And the sunsets. Ohhhh the sunsets.

A sunset in Railay Beach

And then there was the tours.

Truthfuly, they felt a little ‘factory' in that you could tell the guides were just going through the motions ushering you from spot to spot, highlight to highlight.

Riding elephants in Krabi

And while each spot was absolutely gorgeous, it was the night we rented a kayak and paddled out to a nook of tiny islands with no one else around and watched the sunset with a drink in our hand that will go down as my most cherished memory from that trip.

Kayaking in Railay beach

Just me, my new husband and an attitude of utter gratitude.


  • Ali

    I wish I could have joined you on the Kayak ride!!

    • Jill

      Meeeee too! Miss you guys 🙂

  • My wife and I went on our honeymoon in Hawaii… it was beautiful. We drove around the whole island in a Mustang Convertible, finding all the waterfalls you could find by car.

    We rented a kayak, much like the one you have in your last picture – and almost drowned laughing our butts off over how much work it was to paddle one of those things out without falling out of it.

    And I came up with a few new wicked ideas I could implement in my business along the way; the entrepreneurial spirit just can’t be turned off. Haha.

    • Jill

      Lol I hear that…each time we kayak I freak out when waves come anywhere close to us because I don’t want to tip….and spill our beer 😉

      Also, I couldn’t agree more about the inability to turn off the entrepreneurial side of your brain. It always seems we get the best ideas when we’re doing anything BUT working. It’s funny how adventures, tours, or just simply relaxing can be some of the most inspiring moments. I’m always so grateful for those moments of inspiration/clarity 🙂