“No! It will make you strong!”

Like what we're throwing down?

While we were out on Koh Tao we met the biggest ass-kicker of a yoga instructor, Swan. We looked forward to our classes with Swan because we knew we were in for one hell of a workout.

She always gave it 110% and left us quivering and counting down the minutes to shavasana where we could finally lay down on our mats and catch our breath.

I was convinced she was the most legit yogi out there. Until today when I met Weena.

Holy shit! Weena is the real deal. I mean, if she were to levitate it wouldn’t even surprise THAT’S how legit this woman is.

From the first pose she was pushing me, wrenching me into proper form, pushing my heels down and stretching out my back with enough force that I could have sworn the Samoan dude beside me had taken her place.

She didn’t allow for one second of slacking.

I tried breathing through my mouth to get through a hard pose, my chin was pushed up and I was told to breathe only through my nose. When I said it was easier to breathe through my mouth she answered with “No! It will make you strong. Breathe through your nose!”.

When I asked if we could turn on one fan and relieve some of the intense heat that was building up in the non air conditioned room, her response: “No! It will make you strong.”

Weena doesn’t fuck around. She even convinced me I could balance on just my two hands.

When I giggled and shook my head begging for her not to make me, she grabbed my leg, put it over my arm, grabbed my other leg, stretched it out and lifted me up. Before I knew it, I was balancing on two hands.

“See? It make you strong.”

So what did I learn from Weena – other than I now have an immense girl crush on her? That settling for the easy way is the best way to delay your progress and is only going to take you longer to do what you can do now if you just cowboy up and fucking do it.

No excuses. It will make you strong.

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