Goodbye Toronto, Sawatdee Ka Thailand!

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Sawadee Ka! We have arrived in Thailand, are jetlagged as all hell, eager to shut our eyes and wake up to our new life. But first, I need to get this off my (sweaty) chest. What? It's freakin' hot here!

But I digress.

So yeah, we left Toronto * fist pumping* but oh em freakin' gee was it ever hard to say my goodbyes. I mean, we're talking an entire day of sappy tears, hugs, and constant nose-blowing thanks to said tears.

Though it had to be done, now that we are miles away – 8, 719 to be exact – I can't help but think back on the steadfast friendships that made our time in TO tolerable:

My sister and her boyfriend (who is Josh's best mate from Australia, yeah, how awesome is that?!) with whom we shared many laughs, memories and bottles of wine with.

Our platonic wife (as we like to call her), S, whose cheeky nature brightened up the gloomiest of days.

Our bridesman, B, an overly-loud-bull-in-a-china-shop whose contagiously positive attitude kept us laughing even when we were struggling to make it through some less-than-awesome times.

The new-on-the-scene-but-feels-like-we-had-known-him-for-years, V, whose ever changing personalities (read: Crooner V, Dancer V, Freestylin' V, Contradictory V, and Faraway V) kept us on our toes and a smile on our faces.

Not to mention my parents and countless other friends whose love and support made our move overseas more challenging than I could have expected.

And yet, we had to do it. Because that's the thing about running a lifestyle business-you have the privilege to change your life up if something just doesn't feel right.

To disregard that just felt wrong.

So are we happy we took the plunge? Hell yeah we are!

We will miss everyone there terribly but know that when we see them again it will feel like we never left…and we'll finally have a justifiable reason to drink a drum of wine.

Not that we needed one.