May 9th: One of the Boys

JillLifestyle2 Comments

Today we needed to have a hardcore work sesh and with the looming deadline of our book quickly approaching we decided we needed to bust out the big guns and make our way over to Punspace – a sleek co-working space here in Chiang Mai.

What can I say, it was me and 7 guys – a single girl's dream!

From the moment we walked in the door everyone was incredibly welcoming; introducing themselves, striking up conversations and trying to get a feel for what we did online.

That's one of the things I really dug about it – the community.

Now I've been quite vocal about the fact that this kind of community just doesn't exist back in Toronto, and it's exactly what we have been craving.

I find when you surround yourself with different people all doing the same thing as you, you have a real chance to talk shop, get inspired, share strategies and connect on a level that people outside of this lifestyle just don't get.

There was talk of software being developed, brain supplements being manufactured, flyer template design, lead generation, traffic stats and social media.

It was an atmosphere of advice, understanding, connection and kick-ass productivity.

And one I'm eager to go back to next week. Just me and 7 dudes.


  • ali

    try working at an engineering firm… its like one me to 10 guys… boom!

    • Jill

      but then I would have to work a 9-5 😉