How To Make Money with Niche Sites: Week 7

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Week freakin' 7! Wow I can't believe we're past the 6 week mark. That just seems wild to me.

Now if you have been following along with our progress, you will know it's been a bumpy ride,and definitely not what we had initially planned when first starting out with this case study.

I mean, we had these huge goals of making $500 a month in 4 months, and within a few weeks Google had to roll out an annoying Hummingbird refresh. *shakes fist at Google*

But instead of getting caught up in the drama of it all, we decided to test out a new theory and introduced a second site to the mix, which has been exceeding our expectations…big time!

After all, is only 4 weeks old now, still only has under 20 links from our private network of websites pointed at it and is lingering outside page 2, taunting me with its potential.

While that may seem like a decent amount of time to get a site up, running, ranking, and generating income, it is still SO early in the game where that site is concerned and the fact that it is already holding position in the 20s is crazypants!

Now here's the thing you have to remember with affiliate marketing: While it is the easiest way we know of to start making money online, and help you replace your paycheque, it does take time to get to that point.

Which is why we always say that you should get your sites to the point of making the same amount as you current job, if not more, before you consider quitting.

After all, we don't want you to struggle, and we don't want you to stress.

What we do want you to do though is start taking action now! Start taking the first steps towards getting your websites up and making money, before you even consider handing in your notice.

Remember, we have said time and time again that it took us a few solid months before we were even able to generate our first thousand dollars online. So you really do need to have patience with this whole online gig.

Also, keep in mind that “get rich quick” schemes are never a viable solution, and anything that truly has potential will take some time and effort, but trust us, it's worth it.

Just stay committed with it all, and don't get discouraged by the ups and downs. They are all a part of the game.

SO with that being said, let's get into this week's update!

An Update on

I have to be 110% honest, this week's update isn't as exciting as last week's update where we hit #22 in Google. In fact, this week we slipped a few spots and closed out the week at 33.

niche site case study results #2

What's even more annoying is yesterday we were at 25, today 33. WTF?!

Here's what we think happened…

Last week was pure chaos with us wrapping up our lives in Thailand and making the move over to Cebu, Philippines for a change of scenery, and we let the ball drop with scheduling our posts on our private blog network.

Because of this the site didn't have any links going to it for a few days, so we slipped a few spots. However, now that we are back on track, settled in Cebu, and back into our routine we have all of our upcoming posts for the BNet scheduled. Which means the rest of our links should be going out over the next few weeks. *fist pump*

This should help to keep a nice steady injection of link juice flowing into the site, helping it to climb the SERPs.

The bright side to these fluctuations is our “buy Naturaful” page started gaining some decent traction and is also chillin' in the 30s and making some solid progress. I mean, just look at that sexy bitch of a graph. This is what we like to see!

niche site case study search results

The wicked thing about this is that “buy Naturaful” is a seriously profitable keyword, so if this page can continue to climb we should start seeing some decent sales coming in the next few weeks or so.

Now speaking of rank fluctuations, you need to realize that you should expect your rankings to fluctuate from day to day, depending on whether you are consistently adding new content, driving new links to the site, or if your competition is beating you to the punch.

Our best piece of advice for this is if you want to keep ahead of the game, the best way to do it is to keep. driving. links.

Remember, Google is a link-based algorithm; meaning the value they place on a website is in large part due to how many links that site has coming into it. If you can keep a steady stream of high authority links coming into your site, you shouldn't have to worry.

Our Traffic Update

Moving on from rankings, we did make more progress with our traffic this week and it seems to be climbing fairly steadily. We also had 3 visitors click our aff links yesterday alone, so that's mega encouraging. Especially when the site only got 5 organic visits!

Now while some marketers prefer to keep people on their site for as long as they can, we hold a different opinion. I mean, sure, we want readers on our site long enough to ingest our content, but we also want to see people clicking our affiliate links, leaving our site, and going to the merchant's site.


Because it shows that not only are you on the right track, but your readers are finding your content and CTAs enticing enough to click your links.

And that, my friends, is the whole freakin' goal when creating these affiliate sites! Ya heard?!

Your turn: Where are you in your website's progress? Have you set up your website? Have you found your keywords? Have you written your content? Are you in the process of hunting for links? Have you seen your first visitor to your site?

Share your progress below, and if you have any questions at all, fire away!

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  • Chris Dunavent

    I think i read somewhere on this blog that you guys use SENuke…is that still valid? I’ve been afraid to try software-generated tactics for fear that they would do more harm than good.

    • We’ve stopped using it for now…I think I may have mentioned that in the case study somewhere, but I forget which week.

      Either way, we stopped using it for the time being 🙂