How To Make Money with Niche Sites: Week 6

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Annnnnnd we're back! In action. With another update for ya in our quest to build and monetize a small niche site.

Now if you remember from my update two weeks ago,we suffered a big hit from Hummingbird to 6 of our 20 websites, including our first site for this case study—

You may also remember we decided to include a new site into the mix to test out a new strategy, and see whether or not this new approach to our affiliate sites would have a noticeable effect or not.

Turns out it did!

In fact, last week I finally got the chance to deliver the exciting news that we had already hit #29 in Google after only a few weeks, and 7 links from our private blog network.

Now that's pretty huge if you ask me! And today it gets even better, because today I get to deliver even MORE exciting news!

I swear, if you could see me right now in my seat you would be impressed by the amount of happy wiggling going down.

So let's get into what's new and happening…

A Quick Update on Our Two Sites

As I mentioned above, our site got hit, big time. It hasn't recovered whatsoever, and while we haven't driven any more links to it (because we said we would stick to a certain amount) I don't really see it recovering any time soon.

I mean, just look at this dismal graph. We're now 6 weeks in and the site is still not breaking the top 500.

cellulite site


So with that being said, for the time being I'm going to ignore the site in my updates and just focus on instead.

After all, it is the only site out of the two that has anything going on, and to keep talking about the lack of results for the cellulite site is just getting redundant.

However, our other site is cruising along quite nicely and we're totally crushing our expectations at this point, so that's pretty exciting.

Remember is only 3 weeks old at this point, and only has 15 links driven to it from our private network of websites, and yet we're still seeing amazing traction for this early in the game.

A Short FAQ

Now before I get into the thick of the update for, I just want to answer a couple questions some of you have had.

Q: Did we test the product?

A: I personally haven't tested out this product (and obviously neither has Josh), however our content writer did use it for about 3 months or so last year, so she wrote all the content for the website and gave us her permission to use her photos.

As we have stated many a'time, we don't think it is absolutely necessary for you to have used every single product you promote, but it certainly makes your job easier if you have. On top of that your review will be much more flushed out if you do in fact use the product yourself.

If you have found a product you want to promote, but haven't tested it personally you can always get in touch with the merchant directly and ask them to send you a sample to test and review.

We have done this with a bunch of products and have had about a 90% success rate with getting the product sent to us—hell, we've even had some sent to Thailand!

Q: What do you do if you haven't used the product personally?

A: If you are in a situation where you want to promote a certain product, but can't get a sample and don't want to buy it, you can do some in-depth research, see what other people have written, synthesize those reviews, and create your own.

If you do choose to go this route I typically find it is best to find some actual customer reviews (on places like Amazon etc..) and include those into your review.

Remember, it's important to stay as unbiased as possible in your reviews, so always highlight both the positive and negative aspects of each product. We have an episode coming up all about how to write reviews that convert, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Alright, now that that's sorted, let's get into what's been happening with!

An Update on

As previously mentioned, our little site that could – – is cruisin' along nicely, gaining traction on Google, and is even starting to get some organic traffic through to the site.

Last week we were hovering around #29 with 7 links driven to the site.

This week we're kickin' it at #22 (holla!!), with a total of 15 links now pointing to the site. Check it!

naturaful site

Now this is super encouraging because we are almost inside page 2 of Google, and from there it's just a push to get that little site to page ONE, baby!

We have also had a few of our visitors click through our affiliate links to check out the product, but so far no purchases.

However, I have faith. Especially now that we have some Google traffic filtering through and aren't just stuck with Bing and Yahoo traffic.

All in all, things are looking good and we are incredibly optimistic that we will be getting our first sale in the next few weeks!

And once that happens I may just shoot a video of the happy dance I will surely do! Maybe. Depends on how embarrassing it is.

Now for those of you who have been following along with this project, pipe up in the comment section below and let us know what kind of progress you have been making!

Have you got your niche site set up and running? Have you found your keywords? Have you written your content yet? Have you driven your first link? Written your first guest post for a site in your industry?

Speak up and dish your progress, and let's get you makin' money!

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  • Tung Tran

    Congrats on the quick ranking after only 3 weeks 😀

    I’m eager to see how this case study goes in the next few weeks

    • Josh Stanton

      Thanks Tung, based on what we’re seeing so far we should be able to hit page 1 in the next couple of weeks and start getting sales.

      Right now, we’re just starting to see a trickle of traffic coming into each site from Google. The cellulite site is ranking on page one on Bing for a few keywords and getting some traffic, but nowhere near as much as what you would expect on Google.