How To Make Money with Niche Sites: Week 5

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Ahhhh it's finally here! The week where I can FINALLY give you an update on our websites and the progress they are making.

Well, at least the one site that is making progress!

Now as you remember from last week we got hit by a pretty serious Google update which took the wind out of our sails a little and prompted us to pivot our approach.

At first we were a tad bummed, I mean, who wouldn't be? We put in quite a bit of work for our site, only to have it get smashed and buried outside of the top 500.

Thankfully however we decided to add our second site to the mix— in the hopes of testing out a new approach to building affiliate sites.

And thank the lawd we did, because after only TWO weeks since pushing the site live we are already ranking!

So, what sort of rankings are we seeing?

Let's get into it…

Site #1 vs Site #2

As I just mentioned, our site got hit and buried outside of the top 500 in Google. And even though we have driven links to it from our own private network, varied our anchor text using SEnuke, and even published 3 guest posts for it, it is showing no signs of recovering.

Or at least not any time soon.

Take a look for yourself. See that blank graph? That's our rankings (or…errr…lack thereof) for

Rankings for niche site #1

Now compare that to our newest niche site, and you can see the drastic difference…

serpfox results

Crazy, isn't it?

Now keep in mind that the first site has been live for around a month now, yet doesn't even graze the top 500. Whereas our Naturaful site is already sitting at #29 and we just pushed it live not even 2 weeks ago!

And on top of all of THAT it only has 7 links so far! *picks jaw up off the floor*

So what did we do differently?

The Difference Between Our Two Sites

The main difference between our two sites is this: One is a topic-based website, ie: how to treat cellulite, whereas our newest site is more of a branded website and is targeting mostly branded keywords, such as: naturaful review.

Why is this making such a big difference?

Well if you remember my post from last week where I outlined Hummingbird, Google's focus is moving towards trying to understand the context of a searcher's query.

They are also skewing heavily towards pushing more authority websites towards the top of the search results. However, in doing that their results are becoming less and less helpful.

I mean, if you look at this screenshot of a search I just ran, you don't even see the keyword “how to treat cellulite” within ANY of the search results.

Google results

Another thing to note is most of these results come from BIG sites, like webMD, Wellness Mama, Oprah, Fox News, Doctor Oz, and Real Simple.

These are each mammoth sites and anyone (not just us) would have a hard time beating content networks like this out of the top spot. It's just simply an uphill battle.

However, when it comes to more branded sites, like we are seeing much more appropriate results that not only include the keyword (amen to that!), but also allow smaller sites the chance to rank.

google results 2

Now this is quite promising because in the former niche, we have virtually no chance of beating out freakin' OPRAH and ranking for a niche like cellulite.

However, in the latter example we absolutely have a solid chance at knocking just about any of those websites out of the top spot and holding position.

So how will we do this?

Our SEO Strategy

Now if you remember from last week, I said that we were going to be switching up how we link our Naturaful site and only rely on our own private network of blogs for backlinks.

This is mostly because we want to test if high authority linking is the only way to go these days, as well as see if using tools that vary anchor text and drive lower quality links (like SEnuke) is a weakening strategy.

But with all of that being said we don't want you guys to get frustrated by the fact that we have this private network at our disposal.


Because it is absolutely possible for just about anyone to set up their own private blog network. And not only is it possible but you have a few options! Halle-freakin-lujah!

So what are said options I speak of?

Oh you know, just a done-for-you private network of websites, a build your own private blog network package, as well as the opportunity to rent two links on our very own private network.

That way not only is the playing field level, but you also have a bunch of affordable options to help you incorporate this strategy into your own website.

Trust me, learning how to create a private blog network has been one of the biggest, and most lucrative, strategies we learned throughout 2013 and has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in profit for us.

Of course, you don't HAVE to go this route, but so far it seems to be working for us. Hopefully next week I'll have even more exciting news to update you on. *crosses fingers*

Interested in setting up your own affiliate site? Need some keywords to help get you started? Looking for a little link love? Take action now and join in on the challenge!

After all, what do you have to lose? Your firm grip on a conventional life? A soul-sucking 9-5 job? A halogen-light-induced headache? Doesn't sound too bad if you ask me. *wink*

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  • What are you using for the graphs?

    • Those are straight out of Serpfox…they have a graph function within the tool 🙂

  • Joe

    Whats the minimum PR of each of the blogs in your PBN that you are selling? Thx.

    • Josh Stanton

      Considering the fact that we’ve only seen 1 Pagerank update in almost a year, it isn’t something that we look at anymore. Instead we take a close look at Page Authority (PA) using

      The domains we have in our PBN have a PA of 35 or more. Normally if you were to translate that into Pagerank, that would equal about a PR4.

      • Melinda Todd

        This is interesting because I haven’t seen it before! My PR is a 3 but my PA is 44. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

        • Josh Stanton

          Yeah Pagerank isn’t the best indicator of the authority of a site anymore.

  • Evan

    With respect to the PBN – if we buy two links for one month, but then we decide to cancel our subscription for the next month, do those two links stay on the sites or are they taken down? Thanks!

    • Josh Stanton

      Because there’s only limited number of links we can use on any given site in the network, we have to take them down after a subscription is cancelled.

  • Allen Jepson

    My mad spelling nazi went crazy at Mexcian Wild Yams. Good article! Are you getting most of your hits from the links in these articles, or from the rest of your network?

    • Josh Stanton

      Haha thanks Allen! Right now the traffic is starting to trickle in from the search engines – mainly Bing and Yahoo at this stage. In saying that, we’re about to break page 1 on Google for some terms very soon, so we hope to see better traffic in the coming weeks and eventually the first sale.

  • esha

    damn you are so right. I HAVE GOT TO DO THIS NOW ITSELF.

    • Get it, girl! Keep us in the loop with your progress 🙂