How To Make Money with Niche Sites: Week 12

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Well well well, look at me, rearing my head after two weeks off from case study posts.  *tsk tsk tsk*

I swear, I have a good excuse though!

First off, two weeks ago we took part in Chris Ducker's Tropical Think Tank mastermind which was…well…it was an absolute mind-blowing game changer for us.

Oh, and it was also a super luxe event. I mean, who wouldn't want to mastermind here?

Our Tropical Think Tank Location

During the week-long event we packed our brains full of SO many ideas and strategies, and packed our hearts full of so many fun memories and new friendships, that it took us about a full week post-mastermind to get back on track and put a bunch of our new-found strategies into action.

One of the biggest a-ha moments—actually there were so many it was ridiculous! But this is the most applicable to this post—came from Greg Hickman from who drilled it into our heads that if you are not catering to mobile browsers, searchers, and shoppers, you are doing yourself and your website a disservice.

After his talk was over we sauntered back to our room to check out website stats, wondering how many of our audience could possibly be on mobile. I mean, surely it wouldn't be TOO many.

We were struck silent when we saw that both our skincare and beauty sites has 80% mobile traffic!


Our Biggest Mistake Yet 

Once we picked our jaws up off the floor we decided to take action and start making the switch to more mobile-friendly themes. After all, if we were making pretty good coin off websites with 80% mobile traffic and a non-responsive website, surely we could increase our income if we actually catered to those people!

We then decided to check and see whether Niche Site Theme—the theme we had been telling you to install and use for your niche sites—was mobile friendly. It was not. *face palm*

So yet again we hit the theme directories, looking for a theme we could start using right away for that would still look clean, but would cater to those techie shoppers.

We stumbled upon a simple and clean Genesis theme from StudioPress and implemented it straight away.

Sure, the site doesn't get THAT much mobile traffic, but hey, if you can make even one visitor's experience that much more pleasant, then you are that much more likely to convert them into a customer.

And really, that's the name of the game here, isn't it?

*whispers* It is.

Speaking of paying customers…

An Update on


rank 1



Not only that, but we also hit #5 for the main keyword term “Naturaful”! Check it!


After being hit by eye-twitchingly annoying Google updates, and a rankings report that mimics the mood swings of a hormonal and sleep-deprived pregnant woman, we finally hit the top spot on Google AND made our first sale…and it feels GOOOOOD!

So why am I this excited about one sale?

Well, because I have had a few messages from people feeling a little defeated that their sites hadn't made their first sale yet. And I always felt bad because we truly believe in the method we teach, and the power it has (I mean, just look at the screenshots above!) as long as you stick it out.  But I was starting to sound like a broken record continuously telling people to stay committed, drive more links, and keep testing out new strategies.

I mean, when you are struggling with a site do you really just want someone to tell you to stick it out?

No. You want them to give you the exact answer or show you how to do it.

I get it. I would want that to. In fact, I HAVE wanted that. Many times.

But here's the thing: These websites and this model we have been teaching you doesn't work unless you do the work.

Look at this case study for example! In all honesty, we have been around the block a few times with affiliate marketing, and yet it still took us 3 months to hit the coveted top spot and make our first sale. So you shouldn't feel discouraged if your first site is taking longer to rank or make money than you had hoped.

It is not some magic pill, and it will not solve all your financial woes unless you do in fact stick it out and keep driving links and testing new strategies.

After all, when we first started this case study we said we were only going to drive a certain amount of links. Once that didn't work out we realized we had to adapt, throw in some social proof and keep. driving. more. links.

Remember, Google is a link-based algorithm which means they determine a site's weight based on how many other websites have “vouched” for it by linking to that site. In turn they start sending more and more targeted traffic your way full of customers looking for exactly what you're selling.

Like this…


So if you find your websites aren't gaining traction, don't just give up. Instead, stick with it. Drive more links, write more content, add some Facebook likes or Google pluses, switch up your calls to action, test new headlines, try new images.

Just keep at it.

Don't give up. Because if you do you will never know how well you could have done. And let's face it, nothing feels worse than quitting something just because “it was hard”.

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  • Tung Tran

    Very nice progress Jill and Josh 😀

    Will you write a post about your experience with Tropical Think Tank soon? I’m excited to check it out as I missed that event 🙁

    • Thanks Tung!

      I don’t know if we’ll write a whole post about it, but I’ll be mentioning it more down the road…it was such an amazing week 🙂

      You should go next year!!

  • Anthony De Guzman

    Congrats on your first sale! Your case study inspired me to start my own internet marketing blog. Hope you keep us updated with this niche site!

    • That’s awesome Anthony! We’re thrilled to hear that! What’s it called?

      • Anthony De Guzman

        It’s just my name! Very simple design at the moment and I’m using the same genesis sample theme as well :p

        • Hey, I dig simple. And the most important thing is you’re getting started! Nice work 🙂

  • Ibrahim

    Are you all offering a similar service with the genesis theme as the niche site them?

    • Do you mean the website setup service? If so, yes, absolutely. We just forgot to update the description to Genesis! lol

  • Two years later and Genesis is still going strong. I’m using it as well!