How To Make Money with Niche Sites: Week 10

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You know who is a funny motherf**ker? The universe. And Google.

In fact, I don't know who is funnier.

You see, last week I ranted about the fact that our site was plateauing…and mocking me with its potential, yet not doing anything that was really worth talking about.

So imagine my surprise when I logged into our SerpFox account to do my weekly check on our rankings and boom! We had finally moved out of the 30s and are currently holding steady (knock on wood! knock on wood, damnit!) in the—wait for it—low teens! Position 13 and 14 to be exact for the keywords “buy Naturaful” and the homepage, respectively.

Check it! Lucky number 13, baby!

Sitting at #13!

And trailing just behind that is our little homepage that could…

Whoop whoop!

But why did this happen and what is going on with this wacky website in general?

Let's get into it…

An Update on

Last week after wanting to repeatedly and aggressively bash our heads against a wall trying to figure out why the site wasn't moving up in the rankings, we decided to play around with it and experiment. Because that's what (impatient) marketers do!

At first we thought we would drive a few extra links from our personal blog network, but then Josh had the genius (and so simple I'm shocked we didn't think of it before) idea to add the most simple of plugins: A Facebook “like” button, and a Google+ button.

From there, we spent a whole whopping $15 on and bought a few likes to test whether that would change anything.

Hot damn, it worked!

In fact, in a matter of a few days the site climbed 21 spots and has been kicking it around #14 for the past few days.

What's better is “buy Naturaful” made a decent climb as well and is sitting pretty at #13. If we can keep this up, we may just hit page 1 with a few extra links and start bringing in some sales.

Now I know what you might be thinking…

Is That Fair? 

Before you even say it (actually I said it for you so you don't have to say it), maybe not.

I mean, technically we bought those likes so they probably aren't all legit people loving our content, but the lesson it teaches us is legit.

Clearly Google is starting to favour websites that maintain an active social presence (that's kind of obvious by now, and for most of our websites we do have a social presence), and whether or not you earn (or buy) those likes, tweets, pins, or #1s seems to be irrelevant…for now.

So if your websites are fledging along and you want to give them a good boost, but don't have the know-how to create your own PBN or you don't feel like writing guest posts, consider adding in a few social buttons and see if that doesn't give your site a much-needed boost.

But it wasn't just a bump in rankings we saw this week. We also saw a noticeable increase in the amount of organic searches coming through to our site.

Why Organic is All the Rage

If you've been around these parts long enough, you've heard us mention that search traffic and more specifically, organic search traffic, is some of the most profitable traffic you can get to your website.

This is because, well, it's free! And secondly, those searches are being run by your ideal customer, who is looking for information on that particular product you just so happen to be promoting.

This week, we saw a solid increase in the amount of long tail searches we had coming into our site.

Peep this…long tail keywords

Now of course this is bound to happen the closer you get to page 1, but it's still nice to see a few people trickling in off collateral keywords that we aren't even directly targeting.

We're hoping that if our rankings continue to climb we'll start to see our first few sales in the coming weeks!

And then I may just pop bottles of champagne or…errrr….cheap Filipino wine since that's all they seem to have here. But either way, it's gonna be a freakin' party!

Now it's your turn: What stage are you at with your website? Have you started writing content around your core keywords yet? Have you driven any links? Are you seeing any rankings?

Use that little space below to brag til you're blue in the face…or ask any questions you may have. Remember, we're here to help you out!

UPDATE: We just hit page 1 for “buy Naturaful” as of Friday March 7th!! *aggressive fist pump*

We finally hit page 1, baby!

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  • Daniel Rose

    Hey guys,
    Great work,
    Can I ask with your social media, did you create a totally new page using your key words as the Facebook page name or just add the website link in the about us section of the Facebook page?

    • Lol Josh just bought likes for this page…but for our other sites (skincare and beauty specifically) we have full blown pages 🙂

  • Great tips – I have a few sites with backlinks that aren’t ranking well, never thought about adding Social Media links to them, will do now. 🙂

    • Boom! Let us know how it works out for you 🙂

      • Chris Dunavent

        Derek…did it work???

  • Working Nomad

    I don’t think it’s as easy as it was 10 years ago when I started but one thing that has remained constant is good content goes a long way.

    • Amen to that! Which is why we always say that you should strive to make your content as high quality as possible!

      Gone are the days when you could just slap a whole bunch of crappy content up and expect it to convert because it has a few keywords in it! lol 😉

      • Yes I have to admit that it’s a learning curve that I have had to go through but it is reassuring to know that good content and well written articles will always rise to the top.

        I’d certainly not put anyone off entering this business. You just have to work smarter these days and keep ahead of the pack. Being social helps enormously, just as in real life!

        • Absolutely! It’s always a work in progress…you just need to stay agile and committed to quality 🙂

  • David Ng

    I’m a bit confused by this statement:
    “Position 13 and 14 to be exact for the keywords “buy Naturaful” and the homepage, respectively.”
    By ranking, isn’t it about a page’s / URL’s ranking for a keyword?
    So which pages / URLs are the 13th and 14th place?
    Thanks! Great articles!

  • Michael Taylor

    Jill, are you guys still able to rank sites quickly? Or are you dealing with the Google sandbox, which can delay ranking a site for up to 4-6 months?

    • We’ve stopped building affiliate sites these days to focus on other projects 🙂

  • Natalie Rickards

    Hi there. I’ve read this entire case study and was really interested in trying out your approach. However, I just did a Google search for “Buy Naturaful” and I did not see your page anywhere on the results pages. But then I saw that you are now pointing that URL to I see that the new URL is currently #4 for the “Buy Naturaful” search, so your approach worked. But, why the URL change?

    • We changed the URL because the terms of service changed on Naturaful’s end and they stopped allowing affiliates to use their brand name 🙂