How To Make Extra Money in Your Business with Affiliate Marketing

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How To Make Extra Money in Your Business with Affiliate Marketing

Ohhh child do we have a wisdom bomb to throw down on you from the sweet depths of the interwebs.

Now, I know you want to be making money from your website by selling your own products, programs, and services, and that's cool! But there is one super stellar way to make even more money from it…without having to really break a sweat.

Can you guess what it is? Give it a think…

Ok, screw waiting…I'm just gonna tell you.

*drum roll*

Affiliate Marketing, bitchesssss! So wanna learn how you can use it in your business? Click play!

You might not have enough time to watch the full video and we do understand that.. So go bellow for the full transcript..


JILL: If you’re not doing this one thing, you’re losing money in your business.

A question for you, do you want to make extra money in your business without breaking a sweat?  We have something really cool for you today.

JOSH: I’ll also introduce you to affiliate marketing. the full transcript

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0.20 – Learn how you can cash in some extra coin on your already existing website!
0.49 – The first step to making money off the products you're already using
1.26 – You're gonna want to pop your aff links here
1.52 – The two options you'll defs want to give if you want to give your audience more incentive to use your affiliate links

 A Little Bit About this Episode:

When Josh and I first got started online—we're talking pre-Screw days, here—we made all our dolla dolla billz by creating simple affiliate sites.

Or in more basic terms, we were creating a bunch of product review sites, which would then make money when people (who were searching for info on those particular products) clicked our links and bought the product—which is basically what we teach inside Lifestyle Affiliate!

BUT that's not what we're talking about today.

Did you know you could make even more sales by pimping out the products you already love and use on your already-existing site?

Oh yeah baby, you sure can.

There are a few super simple strategies you can employ to start getting your audience clicking on affiliate links that will help boost your bank.

And to be even more specific, there are 3 easy-to-implement strategies we live and die by.

Wanna know what they are? Well then you know what to do! Click Play on the video above and start making extra cash without breaking a sweat!

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  • Norman Matt Broussard

    I want to implement this with my blog posts and videos! I just dont know how to start. How do i become affiliated ?

    • I have to echo what @Roberto_Lebron:disqus said – just open a Google search and enter in any name of any product you want to promote and then in quotes add “affiliate”

      So it will look like this: product name “affiliate”

      Happy searching!

  • great tips!! I’m going to add links to my weekly content! And the bangs (fringe in my native UKl) look fabulous!

    • Thanks girlfriend…they are driving me crazy! lol

      And yes!! So happy to hear it was so useful…and love that you’re taking action 🙂

  • Hi Josh & Jill Great Video this morning on Affiliate Marketing, and some good tips on resource web pages will have a go later on at adding this to my site & blog, i will still have to do my 7 to 5 for a while longer as i had no work for 2 weeks , as a contract ended, so had to go chase some more work, cant play at screw 9-5 with out doing some work as well, for now any way, trying to keep my head above the water line, you make it sound real easy, but i am sure there is a lot more to this than it sounds. work hard play hard, thanks cheers Theo

    • Of course there is a lot of work that goes into it, but it is TOTALLY possible! And once you get the ball rolling with it all…things just start to flow 🙂

  • Norman, the links to the affiliate programs for the products you use are usually at the foot of the page for that product’s website. You can also search in Google by using the name of the product followed by “affiliate program” just like that, with the quotation marks. Jill and Josh, this idea seems obvious now that I’ve heard it, but was I doing it? Alas, no! Thank you! I’ll be doing this for two existing websites right away.

    • That’s what we like to hear Roberto!! Glad the tips were useful 🙂