List Building on Crack: 5 Creative Ways to Use Landing Pages & Build Your Email List

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You spend your days writing killer content, but what if no one is seeing it?


It happens all the time and you wanna know why? Because you ain't doing a damn thing to keep them on that website of yours.

Now, I'm not gonna lie; I had no idea what lead generation was when I first got started in business. I wrote content without a plan and it took me awhile to realize that I had to do more than just create content.

Just to back up for a quick sec – if you're not quite sure what a lead is, a ‘lead' refers to a reader who is interested in what you have to offer. The idea is that you want to capture your lead, by obtaining some sort of contact info from them—preferably their email address.

Now, once you've baited and hooked that lead, you can build a relationship, earn their trust and turn them into cash converting customers. That is a serious tongue twister!

So, now that you know what you need to do, how the hell do you do it? Landing pages, bitchessssssss! Woah…that got aggressive. Sorry (how Canadian of me!).

Getting back to biz, landing pages are a great way to capture leads and I've got 5 sexy ways for  you to do it, but you're gonna have to hit play below!

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We'll be a little heartbroken if you don't want to watch our cute little faces *tear*, but since we want what you want, you can read the full transcript below!


Jill: Today we’re going to be talking about 5 creative ways you can use landing pages in your business. But first what is a landing page? It is a page designed to get your visitors to commit a specific action, this could be signing up and claiming your optin offer like free e-book or audio download or resource list or even signing up to an auto responder series like how we have for our 7 day Escape plan. Alternatively, you can use it for webinar registration, sales pages or even to get them on a notification list. Whatever you can think of or whatever the desired action is, you can use landing pages for it.

Josh: But why are landing pages so important? Because they help to build your email list. Earlier, we talked about the importance of email lists and how the energy in your business is directly related to your email lists. We’re going to be talking about how to build landing pages.

Jill: Let’s get on to the 5 strategies. the full transcript

 Skip to the Good Stuff:

0.03 – Learn about the essential component in your website that will help you build your Email list
0.40 – What exactly is a Landing page and why is it important to your business
1.30 – How to get people on your website via someone else’s blog
1.55 – The tool that allows you to customize your Landing Pages
2.40 – How to optimize your social media bio to drive traffic to your website
3.20 – The trick that most people don’t use to get visitors on your site from YouTube videos
4.20 – How you can customize your Facebook page
5.15 – Why your header image on your website email should not be ignored

A Little Bit About this Episode:

Like I said above, when Josh and I first got started with Screw, we were soooo not landing page savvy. In fact, it wasn't until I stumbled upon (and immediately fell in love with!) LeadPages did I understand the true power of landing pages and lead generation.

Seriously. I would french Clay Collins (the co-creator of LeadPages) if I could….but in a platonic kinda way.

You know….to thank him for making such a badass tool!



Moving on…

Now what makes landing pages SO awesome is that there are a bajillion different ways you can use them.

Or should I say, there are a bajillion ways for you to send people to them.

And yes, bajillion is a real number.

Fortunately we've learned a few sneaky ways to use these landing pages over the last year to help turn your readers into leads, so go on and watch this episode.

Like now.

And please excuse how much I talk in this episode. I'm kind of a blabber.

I'm working on it…

Click Here & Get Started Using LeadPages and Building Your List Now!

  • Lisa

    Hey Jill & Josh,
    Thanks a lot for this! It seems so obvious but you still wouldn’t think of it yourself! I will definitely keep that in mind. I’m just at the beginning of finding out what I can do to screw 9 to 5. I was wondering if you could recommend a free (or cheaper) tool for starters like me?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Lisa,

      If I were you I would sign up for our 7 Day Escape Plan as it walks you through the entire process of getting started online! And best of all, it’s free 🙂

      • Lisa

        Hey Jill,
        Thanks for this! I’ve signed up yesterday which means I’m expecting my first e-mail today! Exciting times! 🙂

        • *fist pump* Holla!! Welcome to the Screw Crew, Lisa 🙂

  • Hi Jill And Josh!

    Thanks for an awesome, Fun and informativt video.

    I will keep this in mind and let my VA(virtual assistant) see this post. To help create some more followers and email register to my new page

    One question. Regarding Brandig. How did you decid music, colours and so on for you brand? And what equipment are you using to record and create your videos? Do you have more videos about branding and getting followers?

    Thanks again!

    Take care
    Best regards

    • Glad you dug the video, Angela!

      So for music, colours and branding – we pretty much did a big ol’ brain dump on what sort of feelings or emotions we wanted Screw to conjure and then went from there.

      The music was chosen by literally scouring Audio Jungle and finding something we loved that was fun and lighthearted, but had a bit of a rock and roll edge to it.

      The colours – I wanted something clean and simple, but with a pop of colour – and something that looked a little beach chic…so I hit up Pinterest and looked at the different palettes available

      As for equipment – we shoot on a DSLR and use a H4N for a mic

      Hope that helps!

      • Hi Jill,

        Thanks for the great tips – loved the one with the beach chic style. I will try and find something like that… Because it unique, personal and authentic.

        I’m doing a major braindump at the moment and also a marketing survey to get feedback from the market. Go so nice feedback and comments. It really warmed my heart. I give real intereset to start my new Journey.

        Talk to you soon…
        Take care!

        • Angela! That’s great news…I’m stoked to hear your survey is going so well and that you’ve got really nice feedback so far 🙂

          And happy to help…anytime!