It’s the Little Things

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A few weeks back I wrote about my new so-legit-I-wouldn't-be-surprised-if-she-could-levitate yoga instructor, Weena.

I'm now 3 weeks into her class and even more infatuated with her.

Maybe it's because I can now sit with my one leg straight up in the air. Or maybe because I can balance on only two hands. Or maybe it's because I recently found out she is 57 yet has less wrinkles than I do!

Whatever the reason is, I'm hooked on her.

Last week, however, when I was restlessly resting in Savasana I realized one thing: Weena goes the extra mile; she is the linchpin to her own business. 

What I mean by this is she is the one thing that makes her business stand out from the countless other yoga studios I have visited in my nearly 10 years of infrequent yoga practice.

Let me explain why.

From the moment you walk into Weena's you are greeted with a warm, friendly smile (gotta love the Thai smile) and she asks you how your day has been, all while addressing you by name.

It's not some shallow question to fill time, she listens and responds – she genuinely cares.

But it doesn't stop there.

Throughout the class Weena will walk around the room adjusting you, rubbing your back and telling you you're doing a good job and occasionally cracking jokes.

She has a good time and she makes her sweat-inducing, ass-kicking class a joy to be in. She makes the experience fun.

When those gruelling 90 minutes are finally up and you are allowed to collapse onto your mat, close your eyes and relax into Savasana, she cranks shit up to eleven.

Up until a few weeks ago each and every yoga studio I had joined all did the same thing – tell you to lie there, close your eyes and clear your mind.

Not Weena.

Weena dims the lights, turns on the fans, spritzes lavender into the air and walks around to each student pushing down their shoulders, rubbing the area around their orbital bones, their temples and stretches out their necks – an added and welcomed touch after a strenuous class – all while a Buddhist mantra plays quietly in the background.

She doesn't have to do any of this but she does it because she cares.

She does it because her students matter to her.

And it is because of this level of care and attention to detail that her classes are full to the brim, each and every day.

It is what sets her apart. It is what makes her the linchpin to her own business and it is what her students love so much about her.

We could all stand to add a little Weena into our businesses – to strive to make our readers, our viewers, our subscribers, our fans and our customers experiences that much more memorable.

Because when you stick out in someone's mind, when you rock their world with your added touches, you convert that person from a one-off into a loyal and raving evangelist.

And who couldn't use more of those?


  • Laurie

    Wonderful read. Weena sounds so Westjetty eh? Ox

    • Jill

      hahaha she could be one of you…but if I were you I’d try to get her up to your yoga retreats instead 😉

  • this is an excellent point. I think in today’s society companies have forgotten about the customer. All they care about is making money. But what they don’t get is that by caring about their customer it will only encourage the customer to spend their money with them and not someone else.

    • Jill

      I could not agree more! I rarely look forward to working out…now I anxiously await my Tuesday and Thursday sessions with her! She’s mastered the art of going the extra mile and locking down a seriously loyal following. Last session her class was so packed she could even put down her own mat! That’s some serious success if you ask me 🙂

  • Is this woman seriously 65? wow

    • Jill

      I recently found out she is 57 but seriously! 57! She amazes me!