I Do’s and Countdowns

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We did it! We signed on the dotted line on an empty stretch of beach in Costa Rica, surrounded by the people we love most and made it official.

The week itself was nothing short of a dream.

Unless you count the fact that I got a hole kicked in my eardrum (long story, but let's just say you shouldn't tell your friend to jump off your shoulders in a pool days before your wedding), threw my neck out, and was plagued with stomach troubles until the day before the big day. But I don't.

To me all I remember is deep-breathing my way down the aisle with my dad on one arm and my mom on my other, attempting to take it all in as I inched closer and closer to my soon-to-be husband.

It was over in a flash and before I knew it, I was a wife.

That day we kicked off a new chapter in our life together – one that has us blissfully eager to make the move and step foot onto our new home – a perfect little 21 square kilometre emerald jewel in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand named Koh Tao.

Only 29 days to go….