How To Use Masterminds to Grow Your Business

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Confession: Josh and I are uhbsessed with masterminding! Ever since we attended our first 3 day mastermind on Puerto Galera (a small island in the Philippines) in February, we’ve been hooked!

Since then we have attended Chris Ducker’s Tropical Think Tank mastermind in the Philippines, held our own at our cottage in Canada, and are about to attend yet another one in San Diego, hosted by Chris Ducker (we just can’t get enough of him!) and Pat Flynn.

So yeah, we’re kind of into them. After all, they have been game-changing for our business in SO many ways, and the strategies we’ve implemented from them have had a drastic effect on our business, our mindset, and our bank account.

Want to know how you can make masterminds work for you and your business? Click play, homie!

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Jill – Hi, we are Jill and Josh Stanton and you are watching Lifestyle Branding Series. Today we are talking about the one thing that can really level up your business, keep you in a success mindset and help you grow in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams. So,  what is it?

Josh – Masterminding! Thats right , its kind of funny because we actually shooting this video at a mastermind and the guest we having on for this episode, we also met at a mastermind.

Jill –  This is true. So I think it is safe to say, we freakin’ love mastermind. So with that being said, my guest today is going to talk all about that. the full transcript

Skip to the Good Stuff:

00:30 –  Are you ready to level up your business? Find out what can help you achieve that
1:00 – What the heck is a mastermind anyways?
2:25 – We’ve got options! Here are 3 different ways you can get your mastermind on
3:50 – How often should you be masterminding?
4:30 – What exactly can a mastermind do for your business?
5:38 – What is the power of Jessica’s mastermind? She reveals all!
7:45 – Some of the biggest takeaways we experienced from masterminding
10:25 – The three keys to a powerful mastermind group

A Little Bit About this Episode:

Ahhhh masterminds! They are one of my faaaaaourite things to talk about lately….which probably makes me sound like I have the most boring conversations to anyone who isn’t an entrepreneur!

But the truth is these little gatherings of likeminded peeps are one of the BEST things you can do for yourself, and your business.

So, what the heck is a mastermind and why the eff should you get yourself in one ASAP?

A mastermind is essentially a gathering of entrepreneurs who come together to talk about what’s working in their business, what they’re struggling with, and any ideas they want vetted before they move ahead with them.

Essentially, it’s your chance to present your business and ideas, and allow the other members to give feedback, offer suggestions, or present an alternative that maybe you hadn’t considered up to that point—which usually causes you to have an Oprah-worthy a-ha moment.

Now I know that can sound a tad intimidating. After all, what if you don’t like what your mastermind group has to say? What if you think they are wrong? Or they don’t “get you and your vision”?

Stop it. Stop it right now.

Yes, you may feel a little defensive if someone doesn’t like your idea, or doesn’t think your strategy is the best way of going about something, but that’s only because your ego is feeling a little bruised.

Besides, 99.9999% of the time we are way too close to our business to actually spot the hidden opportunities, or see why our approach may need a little refining. In fact, most of the time we think we know what’s best for our business.

But sometimes, we don’t.

And those are the times where you need your mastermindin’ mafia to step in and offer workarounds, alternative strategies, or a completely different approach to what you thought you were going to do.

This is where the gold happens, and it’s crucial to stay open to these moments of clarity so that you (and your business!) can grow in ways you didn’t expect.

If growth, money, and success is something you’re after (and why the hell wouldn’t you be?), then you’re going to want to click play and get to watchin’.

Like, now.

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