How To Use Long Tail Pro to Find Profitable Keywords

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Finding the right keywords to target on your website and within your posts can be a challenging task—especially if you are solely relying on the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Now while the Google tool can be incredibly helpful, it doesn't always give you laser-focused insights into which keywords are best to target, which have the lowest competition, and which ones are worth your time and effort. Luckily the keyword research tool Long Tail Pro does. Click play to learn how to use Long Tail Pro!

A Little Bit About This Video:

If you want to start ranking on Page 1 of Google for your most profitable keywords, you are going to need a powerful keyword research tool. Long Tail Pro is our tool of choice.

But what is it?

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research software that allows you to generate hundreds (or even thousands!) of unique long tail keywords within minutes, based on a single (or multiple) seed keyword.

But what is a long tail keyword?

A long tail keyword is a keyword phrase composed of three or more words that are more specific than a single keyword. They are also more likely to convert to sales than the shorter, more generic keywords because there is typically far less competition for them.

So how can you use this tool to find an endless supply of profitable keywords? Well for starters, you click play.

Click here to take advantage of their free 10 day trial or to buy it outright.

Your turn: Have you used tried using Long Tail Pro before and got stuck trying to figure it all out? What was your biggest frustration using it or are you a die-hard fan of this tool?


  • very good review thanks a lot for sharing with us by

  • Erik Powell

    I was hoping for something a bit meatier here

  • Kevin Harter

    Just got LTP and I’ve been playing with it the whole day. Can’t seem to find profitable keywords with less competition though!

    • It can definitely be challenging…hope you stuck it out and found one!

      *sorry I just saw this comment now!!*

  • Josh Stanton

    It’s challenging at first. Try switching your focus to find brand name terms and target those with product reviews on your site. For example “long tail pro” is the name of a product and if you run through LTP, you’ll see it gets some monthly searches. Try coming up with a list of 50-100 unique brand name products and run them through LTP to see what you can find.

  • Raya BlissfulBelly Zane

    I downloaded the trail of LTP and am playing around with it. If you don’t have the platinum version, can you slim down your keywords to say less then 500 google title competitions? How do you figure out which ones to target without the platinum version?

    • Josh Stanton

      Okay so one thing you could try is to use (free). Check the first, fifth and tenth result on page 1 looking at ‘page authority’. If the average page authority is less than 30 then it shouldn’t be too difficult to rank for. Try to find keywords that have an average page authority of 20 or less as they will be much easier to rank.

      • Raya BlissfulBelly Zane

        I SO want to get my first Niche site up and running, but I need to find a profitable keyword first!

  • Long tail pro is one of the best keyword research tools. Every blogger should try it