How to Price and Position Your Products or Services with Elisa Doucette

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You worked your ass off, poured your heart, soul and a few stray tears and sweat into your product, and damn does it feel good to cross that off your to-do list.

But, the hard work isn't over yet.

Oh no, no, no. Now you need to figure out how to price that sucker and position it so it sells. Sounds easy, right?

Well, let me tell you; figuring out how to charge what you're worth can be  daunting. I know from experience that it's easy to short change yourself because you aren't sure you're worth it. It's time to face the hard truth though: You are worth it.

And even more so, you need to position your product so others believe that too. So how do you do that? Well, you click play and let my dear friend Elisa Doucette throw some truth bombs at you…in a nice way, of course.

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Jill: Hey we’re Jill and Josh Stanton and you’re watching Lifestyle branding Series. Question for you –

have you ever hymned and hawed over how to price your programs and services?

Josh: Or have you wondered how to strategically position your offerings?

Jill: If so we have just the same for you. Our guest today is a maven when it comes to all things business

strategy, positioning your brand and your offerings and selling the shit out of just about everything.

Josh: And today Elisa Doucette is going to share some of the essential strategies for positioning and

pricing your the full transcript

Skip to the Good Stuff:

0.30 – Worried about how to price and position your products and services?
0.50 – We have a guest who will give you a 4 point guide to market your offering.
2.05 – Positioning for rookies
3.10 – One thing you need to do before starting any business
3.45 – How to profile your target audience
5.10 – Basic accounting tip for every entrepreneur
7.30 – How to save time by outsourcing certain tasks
9.35 – How to assess what your product is worth

A Little Bit About this Episode

How confident are you?

No seriously. Stop and think about that for a minute.

How strongly do you believe in what you are doing, and what you and your time are worth?

If you're being truly honest with yourself then you probably just realized all the festering neuroses and fears you have…No? Just me? Awwkkkwwaarrrddd.

In all seriousness though, after the less-than-stellar launch of our very first product, I began to question myself…

Had we over priced our product? Was our product not really in line with our ideal customer? Or worse…was it us?

All of these questions forced us to take a new approach and really look at pricing and positioning in a new light. Fast forward to the launch of our second program and BAM, we've got it down pat! *wipes sweat off forehead*

So how do you overcome money blocks and positioning issues?

Well, you're in luck because today I have my dear friend Elisa Doucette from Writing Business Well who is about to kick some mad knowledge in ya ear on how to strategically price and position your offerings.

That way you're not sitting there full of self-doubt, and wondering whether or not anyone will even consider opening their wallets and forking over those dollah dollah bills.

Sound good? Click play then!

  • Kayla Thomas

    I write fiction, and I’m working on standing out in the sea of a gazillion other authors. I’ve got my P&L in place and am getting to know my audience better every day. Thanks for the tips. It’s a relief to know I’m on the right track!

    • Love that you’re getting the kind of clarity you need!