How To Optimize Your SEO: The Simple and Foolproof Way

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SEO. It's that one little thing that every webpreneur needs, yet so many people barely even know where the hell to start! I mean, I get it. It can seem overwhelming and scary as hellto tackle something as big as ranking on Google, but it really doesn't have to be that hard.

In fact, it can be pretty freakin' easy. Especially when you have a SEO hoe around, like Josh, to help guide you in the right direction. Craving a little link juice for your site? Click play and learn how to optimize your SEO in the most simple and foolproof way.

We know, we know, not everyone likes to watch our smiling faces. Which I guess we understand (NOT!), but for those of you who would rather peruse a transcript, all you have to do is go below.


This week we’re talking about one of our favourite topics; SEO. Before we get into all the basics of SEO, let’s talk about the difference between onsite SEO and off site SEO. Let’s start with onsite SEO. It’s the most simple form of SEO. It’s the kind of stuff you just need to get out of the way before you move on to the more important stuff. Onsite SEO simply put is your ability to optimize your pages to target or strategically target keywords that you’re looking to try and rank for that page. It’s about keyword placement on your page.

Off site SEO is any promotion you do for your website, outside of your website. Any links you are getting on other websites that are pointing towards your website is off site SEO. Now that we’ve got the basics down pat, let’s talk about how you can optimize your onsite SEO. As we said before, it’s very simple. It’s about placing keywords throughout your page. There are positions in the page where it’s very important that you try and include the keywords you’re looking to target ­ The first one being, in the URL of your post or your page. For example:­keyword ­ that’s how you would try and make it appear. the full transcript

Skip to the Good Stuff:

0:34 – This week we’re talking about SEO.
0:48 – The difference between onsite SEO and off site SEO.
1:27 – How you can optimize your onsite SEO.
2:15 – The importance of an onsite SEO plug-in.
3:15 – How you can optimize your offsite SEO.
4:17 – Use Guest Blogging to build backlinks.
5:35 – Is Guest Blogging dead like Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Anti-Spam, says?
7:11 – How to use infographics to optimize your site.

A Little Bit About this Episode:

Immersing yourself into the world of SEO can quickly become SEOverwhelming when you don't know what the hell you're doing, or even where to start. And I totally get it. I used to feel the exact same way!

In fact, it wasn't until after my first year of business that I even wanted to remotely listen to any of Josh's tips on how to optimize the SEO on our sites. I just didn't care. I was waaaay too scared of it, and I didn't want to devote myself to learning a whole new skill set when I felt my time could be better spent elsewhere.

Well, I quickly regretted that decision and realized that every single webpreneur needs to know the fundamentals of SEO. Hands down. No questions about it.

Look, I'm not saying you need to know everything about it, I'm just saying whether you plan on doing it yourself, or you want to hire someone else to do the work for you, it is essential to at least have a basic understanding of the ins and outs of SEO.

That way you can take action, stay informed, and not get fleeced by some SEO “expert” looking to charge 2k/month for the most basic of tweaks.

So go on, click play or download your free PDF transcript above and start learning how to optimize your SEO in under 10 minutes.

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  • Good stuff guys! Might have to test out your infographic tactic — I like that one.

    Will add this — not particularly for SEO, but for building traffic in general. So far this year I’ve seen more referral traffic from SlideShare than from Facebook and Twitter. Worth a shot if you’re not re-purposing content into slide decks already. Cheers, Nick.

    • You’re now the second person in 2 weeks to mention SlideShare as a damn good traffic source. I’ll have to get in on that one. Thanks, NIck 🙂

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