How To Build a WordPress Website in 4 Simple Steps

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Whether your goal is to dive into the world of affiliate marketing, create your own products and services or build a personal brand for yourself that can take you around the world, you need a website.

In fact, anyone who is anyone wanting to do anything needs an online presence – that is simply the new reality of doing business these days. Here's a quick video tutorial on how to build a WordPress website in under 7 minutes!

In this video Josh walks you through the step-by-step process of how to build a WordPress website using BlueHost, so you have a space to call your own on the web.

We know firsthand how intimidating this whole online world can be, especially when you don't have a clue as to which web host to use or what the heck a web host even is, let alone how to build your own site!

We created this video with that problem in mind so you can overcome that obstacle, take the first step towards pure cyber domination and relish in the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that comes from mastering this skill set.

If you have gone through the steps but now need to add a theme, customize your site or add some content stick around, we have many more training videos just waiting to be unleashed. Hot-cha-cha!

If video tutorials aren't your thing -Hey, they're not for everyone – then click the download button below and get your step-by-step written instructions on how to set up hosting and install WordPress. download-button


  • I love these step-by-step type videos. Makes it so easy to get started.

  • Mark Lumpus

    Great tutorial on how to build a website but what about tips on naming your website.

  • Kristen Ekiss

    Where can I find the next video? This is where I’ve been stuck for months is building the website.

    • Our bad! We’ll get on that!

    • Josh Stanton

      Hey Kristen, in the 7 day escape plan we decided to give away our EXACT step by step guide on how to setup our niches sites with WordPress. Not sure if you have had a chance to sign up to that yet (its free)? You get the guide on day 5 –

  • melissa estrada

    This made it look easy! Is the 2nd video accessible now?

    • Josh Stanton

      Not yet Melissa, however if you subscribe to the Escape plan, you get a step by step list of instructions for setting up your WordPress site –

  • Sherri McCullough

    Yes, I need the next video. I just signed up for the 7 day escape plan. I have already done these steps and built a site but I am not satisfied with it and it was a pain the rear to figure out on my own. I would love to have a video tutorial to make it faster.

  • Marci Toler

    Where can I find the next video? I see the same question from six months ago. I am not yet at day 5 of the escape plan – but am wondering if I should use WordPress or Weebly?

  • Patrick Krott

    FYI, your password is visible at the 5:39 point in the video. I assume by now you’ve changed it, but just in case.