3 Ways Guest Blogging Can Help Catapult Your Business

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It's no secret that we're big inappropriately huge fans of guest blogging. After all, it helped take our skincare site from making 2 sales from January-March 2012 to $5215.30 by the end of July 2012. So yeah, we're kinda into it and the staggering effect it can have on your business.

Which is why we decided to screw Camille's Q when she wrote in looking for advice on how she could promote her business effectively, without having to resort to paying for ads. Want to know what we told her? Click play and find out!

As always, we know video isn't for everyone so we have included a  transcript for all the non-video watchers out there.


#1 It Drives Targeted Direct Traffic

First things first, when you're starting to write guest posts you need to make sure that the sites you are writing for are actually relevant to your niche. The reason being, when you put in that much effort to getting a guest post on someone else's site you want to make damn sure it's related to your industry so readers are more tempted to click on your links and check out your website.

#2 It Will Get You on Page 1 of Google

You should know that building high quality, relevant backlinks (optimized with specific anchor text) heading back into your site will get your ranked higher on Google. Period. But how do you do this? ...show the full transcript

Skip to the Good Stuff:

1:17 – how guest blogging drives targeted and direct traffic
1:28 – why it's important to write for websites in your niche
1:37 – how guest blogging can get you on page 1 of Google
1:52 – the power of your author bio
2:09 – how you can use guest blogging to build your email list
2:34 – how to make direct sales from your guest post

A Little Bit About this Episode:

It's tough for an online business owner to stand out amongst a sea of competitors in cyberspace, especially if you're just getting started. We should know, it took us what seems like ages to actually make a sale from any of our affiliate sites!

But just like every seasoned entrepreneur will tell you, you can't give up. Instead you have to keep fighting for the business and the lifestyle you are trying to build, and so you have to evolving and trying new strategies.

We were in this position back in early 2012 when we were feeling completely mystified as to what to try next. It wasn't until we finally stumbled onto a competitor's “write for us” page that we realized we had to give guest blogging a shot.

From there everything changed for us.

We started guest posting left right and centre and from there our business took off—we started ranking higher in Google, we started building an audience, and best of all we started making more money!

Which is why we love love LOVE guest blogging as a means of not only promotion, but SEO.

If you're intrigued by guest blogging but want to know what it can do for your website, or the effects it can have on your business click play or download the transcript and get to learnin'!

Or click here to check out our training program Badass Guest Blogging which will teach you every single strategy we have used to get our business to 5 figures a month!

Your turn: Have you gotten involved in guest posting yet and if so, what is the biggest benefit you have seen come of it? Dish your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Hey Jill & Josh,
    Would you happen to know if there is a way to track the number of people who sign-up for your list once they are referred to your site from a guest post? I do a fare bit of guest posting, but I have no idea if the people who come to my site actually end up signing-up to my list. Can I find this information in Google Analytics?

    • Yep you can try setting up a goal funnel in your analytics account.

      I can’t guarantee the tracking will be 100% accurate as the initial traffic is coming from an external site. Any internal goals tend to track quite accurately.

  • Jill

    I also find it is quite easy to track if you are linking to a specific page on your site and you get a whole whack of signups from people coming into that page…assuming you have your opt-in form available on each page 🙂

  • Guest

    Hey guy’s, I have a quick question about pitching, would you still just pitch ideas to sites where they say to email the actual article? I was thinking to do this just to save time, as having to write the article before they say they will post it takes up a lot of time. Thanks

    • Josh Stanton

      Yeah for sure, we do that all the time. I would just explain to them that for their own benefit, would they mind approving which topic they would prefer you write about on their site. Then just give them 3 options and ask them to pick one.