7 Stupid-Simple Facebook Group Growth Hacks

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Are Facebook groups *gasp* DEAD!?!

I recently saw a FB ad preaching this in my newsfeed the other day and it struck a chord with me.

I mean, think about it…

Facebook groups? Dead?!

It's a scary thought—especially for those of us who are community builders, engagers and shapers.

And as someone who has not only had a group for the last two-ish years, but has used it to inject mad growth into a brand, claims like this can feel scary AF.

The good news is, Facebook groups ain't goin' anywhere and they sure as hell aren't dead.

In fact, they are thriving!

So what's a webpreneur to do if you want to add a free Facebook group to your entrepreneurial arsenal, but aren't sure how to get people to click that “join” button?


You click play and let us rattle off 7 simple Facebook group growth hacks you can use starting today!

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  • Where is the media file for this episode?

  • There is no video????

  • Looks like the video might have been added late, but here’s the link – https://youtu.be/2CEDNa-VCFQ

  • Tabitha Paganelli

    We just started our group and we are TAKING OFF already! We’re on a mission to make this group unlike any other and so far it has been successful. Our group is to educate and inspire entrepreneurs to be the best versions of themselves and reach their dreams!

  • I’m so impressed with the way you interact with your members. That’s the one thing about you guys that blows my mind. When I saw you recently that was my first question. So this is really good advice. Thanks so much Josh and Jill!

    • Aww thank you so much, Brian! That really means a lot to me 😀

  • Monet Bender

    My FB group is- How to grow your brand on Instagram! We have a community of entrepreneurs who want to grow their brand on Instagram and offer each other advice and support

  • Mikayla Allen

    About to dive deep into this right now. Growing my group is a big priority for me right now and I’ve been spinning my wheels so hard!

    • I have a feeling this episode will help you out in a big way 😀