5 Glaring Signs You Should NOT Start a Membership Site

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So here's the deal…

After having a monthly membership site (hello, Screw U!) now for 2 years, Josh and I have had a looootttt of conversations with other entrepreneurs who are wildly enthralled with the idea of creating and scaling a membership site.

And I get it!

I mean, who doesn't want some of that sweet, sweet “passive” income in their lives?

But, here's the thing…

While anyone can start a membership site, not everyone should start a membership site. 

And if you're thinking that you want to create one solely for the “passive income”, then take a breath and give this episode a watch.


Because memberships ain't always the most “passive” way of making money.

And, well, it's about time we set the record straight!

Click play to see what I'm talking about.

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