The Ultimate Facebook Groups “Ask Me Anything”

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Facebook groups for business

Real talk: I've learned a LOT in the 2 years I've been managing the free Screw the Nine to Five FB group.

From figuring out how to genuinely engage members and build a tight-knit community, to growing the group to over 40,000 members without spending a dime on ads to do it…

Learning how to market the hell out of our business inside the group (without it feeling that way), to finessing the rules to keep the spammers at bay…

Discovering how to show up as a leader and unite people around a single message…

It's been one hell of a ride.

And while it hasn't been an easy one—confession: I was thiiiiiiiiis close to shutting the group down on 2 separate occasions—it's been mad rewarding getting to know our audience on a deeper level than I ever thought possible.

So we thought it would make for a stellar episode to open the floor up to YOU, the Scroupies, to ask me whatever questions you have about building, growing and engaging a Facebook group in a way that benefits both your members and your business.

And you guys did not hold back!

Want to know what we talked about?

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