How To Sell in Your Facebook Group without Sacrificing Your Community

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Ohhhh it sounds sexy, doesn't it?

Selling in your group and makin' dat monaaaaaay….without sacrificing your community or causing a mass exodus of members?

I mean, think about all the insights you can gain!

The reach you can build!

The sales you can make!

It's enough to bring a smile to any FB group owner's face, am I right?

That is until you realize you have no effing clue how to turn your group into a sales machine without coming off like “one of those” marketers whose every move feels pushy, salesy and desperate.

And let's keep it real, no one wants that.

So what can you do to use your group to strategically grow your business, in a way that doesn't sacrifice the quality of your Facebook group?

See that play button down there?

Click it and find out.

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