Discomfort, Productivity and the Search

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For the last 5 weeks myself, Josh and our friend Henno have been taking part in Eben Pagan’s 3 month course, Wake Up Productive.

It’s been challenging, frustrating and rewarding.

It has also made me feel a smidge uncomfortable…which is how I know I need to stick to it.

You see, this course is all about ridding your life of comfortable yet bad habits, energy suckers, incomplete tasks and mental blocks and subsequently replacing them with focused priorities, morning routines and the 11 principles of personal productivity.

What are these 11 principles, you ask?

Well, allow me to share the (abridged version) love!

The 11 Principles of Personal Productivity

1. Everyone can be productive and creative

2. Managing time is about managing yourself

3. We have 3 brains, not 1

4. Habit is destiny

5. Internal chaos = external chaos

6. Focus your talents and strengths on your biggest opportunities

7. Your future can be an extension of your past (if you don’t have a good frame of reference of your past, you won’t know how to handle future opportunities)

8. Focus on what you want to create NOT what you want to avoid

9. Choose, don’t decide

10. Balance organization to avoid restricting creativity

11. If you want to wake up productive, you must take your thinking to the next level and shift your perspective

Now some of these principles may seem a little esoteric or intimidating to some * cough* me *cough* but at the start of the program Eben tells you to choose just one of these principles to strive towards.

I chose #11 (however #6 really appeals to me as well).

For me this means finding a coach that can help me up my game even more, stay in a success mindset and learn how to effectively coach others to achieve their own lifestyle business goals.

I haven’t found her yet (I’m convinced it’s a her) but I’m actively searching and I have faith that when I do stumble onto her it will be an explosion of relief, elation and laser-focus!

But until that moment comes I’ll keep plugging away – clearing out the clutter to make way for the clarity.

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