Creating Personal White Space

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Lately I’ve been struggling. Struggling with the overwhelming amount of tasks laid out before me, yet struggling to relinquish my control-freak habits and trust in someone else’s ability to perform menial daily tasks or create content at the level we require.

But this isn’t anything new for me. I always seem to struggle to loosen my choke-hold grip on the countless tasks I have convinced myself that only I can do.

And that, my friends, is simply bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong, we have sought out help and had great success with our current content writer but I have convinced myself that she is the only other person on this planet who ‘gets’ what we’re trying to do, in the voice we’re trying to do it in.

Again, bullshit.

To ease myself into the transition I’ve started looking to my fave femmes for some inspiration.

Fatefully (and gratefully), I stumbled onto a video from the marketing mistress herself, Marie Forleo, on going pro – a concept first coined by author Steven Pressfield.

Within these 60 minutes of magic, Marie drives home the need for creating personal white space in your life by allocating certain tasks to qualified individuals.

While I know damn well it’s necessary to do this in order to create room for more growth in our business, I feel unable to take the step.

I feel frozen.

Yet I sit here feeling overwhelmed, wishing someone would swoop in and drop into my lap(top) 14 of the 15 weekly posts I need to write in order to keep our sites growing at the rate at which we prefer.

It’s an unnecessary yet paralyzing predicament I have created for myself.

So will I suck it up, take the leap, outsource a chunk of my tasks, create some personal white space and allow myself to enjoy this lifestyle more? Yes….hopefully.

After all, Forleo’s phrase “we can have it all but we can’t do it all” keeps ringing in my ears, urging me to move forward, to take the leap and trust in someone else other than myself, Josh and our current writer, Sabrina.

Maybe I just need to baby-step it.

Or maybe I should just stop being a fucking baby, let go and trust that it will all work out.

Because chances are, it will.

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