From Meh to Money: Creating Content that Converts into Cash

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Creating Content that Converts into CashImagine this: You put hours into picking a niche, creating your website, selecting which product you are going to promote, performing basic keyword research, and you finally get your ideal customer on your site ready to buy.

But they don’t.

They just leave your site.

Cue the audible sighs, the angry typing, the “that’s it, I’m over this” demonstrative hand gestures.

And you’re left wondering “why?”.

Well, it’s because your content wasn’t compelling. It didn’t persuade them to take a specific action. It didn’t make them feel anything. It was just “meh”.

Don’t beat yourself up.

This is one of the most common problems faced by those just starting out in affiliate marketing: Creating the kind of content that makes readers want to click and buy.

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Fortunately it doesn’t have to be hard, or frustrating, or a drawn out learning process.

It can be simple, especially once you realize that what they’re really after is a well-written, unbiased product review.

After writing hundreds of product reviews over the last few years I personally believe there are 4 key ingredients you need to have within each product review…

A Pinch of Keywords

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: In order for your ideal customers to find your website, you need to include profitable keywords within your posts.

It also helps tremendously if these keywords are focused on helping that ideal customer of yours solve a problem, or buy a particular product.

That is why you should always choose a keyword that not only has low competition, but can also be worked into a post effortlessly and eloquently. After all, there is nothing more off-putting than reading a post where the author is stuffing keywords into their post that not only read poorly, but just don’t make sense.

Instead, when conducting your keyword research choose phrases that sound natural and could easily be worked into a post that teaches your reader something or gives them specific information on a product.

Some of my favourite options are including either just the product name, or [product name] review, does [product] work, or even a ‘how to’ keyword.

Side note: As I mentioned in my post about finding profitable keywords for your niche sites, there is a precise method we use when it comes to sprinkling these keywords into our posts…

Once you have chosen your 4 primary keywords for your website (the keywords that have the most searches, but low competition) you need to include those within your posts 2-3 times, on top of having them in the titles of your posts and the URLs for each.

From there, sprinkle your 3-5 sub-keywords for each primary keyword throughout the corresponding post. These keywords only have to appear once throughout the post, so don't worry about stuffing them in as many times as you can fit them. That will just come off as forced and not a fluid read.

But it’s not just about keywords. Oh no. You also need…

A Sprinkling of Stories

Nothing will suck a reader in, keep them engaged, and make them fork over money more than a story.

But not just any story.

You need to write a short story based on the problem you (or a fictitious person) were facing before you found [insert product here], how that product helped to improve your life, and how it helped get you to the stage you are at now.

It doesn’t need to be a long-winded story, it can simply be 2-3 small paragraphs detailing how you felt and the problems you faced because you didn’t have the product in your life.

If you can set the scene and touch on the common emotions you (or a potential customer) experienced before discovering the product, you should be able to hook the reader right off the bat.

But how can you keep them engaged after the story is over?

A Dash of Formatting

One thing you need to understand when writing content is that readers have little to no patience—meaning you have to cater to their ever-shortening attention spans by presenting your information in concise paragraphs.

That means if you can say something in 9 words versus 14, say it in 9. Your reader will appreciate the brevity and will be more likely to stick around, read the rest of your content, and even buy from you.

But how can you further increase the chances of them buying from you?

By including a “What I Didn’t Like” section.

If there is one thing I have learned these last few years of writing reviews it’s that customers don’t trust overly-positive reviews.

In fact, I have a review on one my skincare site about an acne product I tested and hated, and it is one of my higher converting reviews!

Why? Because it’s honest.

Anyone reading that post can tell that I’m being 100% honest in my review and am not just trying to sell them a crappy product.

So when you are crafting your reviews be sure to touch on the negative aspects of the product, as well as the positive. I guarantee your review will convert higher than if you were to just list the positive aspects of it.

But what is the final ingredient every post needs in order to entice the reader to click your link and buy?

A Trace of CTAs

A CT what now?

A CTA is simply a Call to Action or a line of text where you can entice your reader (or viewer or listener) to perform a specific action after they have finished reading your post—like clicking your affiliate link and buying from you.

Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t include a few affiliate links throughout your posts, but we find our highest converting links are always our below-the-post calls to action.

Remember, readers are typically looking for something to do after reading a piece of content. If you prompt them to take an action (ie. clicking on your link) at the end of your post, your chances of converting that reader into a customer dramatically increases.

Just be sure to play around with your calls to action to see what works best with your readers.

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