How To Create Content that Bitch Slaps Your Reader and Converts Them Into a Customer with Ash Ambirge

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There is one woman on the web that I absolutely adore when it comes to learning how to infuse your personality into your writing, make your audience give a damn, and actually convert that content you just wrote into a sale.

Her name is Ash Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project and she is the motherf**kin' bee's knees when it comes to all things marketing, branding, and content creation. And since writing content for your affiliate site can sometimes feel a little yawn-inducing, I decided to lure this lady onto the show to give us all some tips on how to create content that converts into sales.

Note: Gratuitous swearing involved in this video. Just how I like it.

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Skip to the Good Stuff:

0:50 – Haveeeee you met Ash?
2:30 – What the heck is The Middle Finger Project?
4:25 – Ash the Prom Queen? Here’s how she changed.
6:35 – What’s so great about marketing?
9:00 – Find out what her first fail was.
12:25 – How can proper copywriting influence more click thrus and affiliate purchases?
14:00 – The science behind unauthentic messages.
16:30 – What does selling hope mean?
19:40 – How do you get creative with affiliate site products to get more sales?
23:10 – The “Wake Up Sweaty” test – why it’s so damn important.
30:00 – Why mediocre material just doesn’t cut it.
31:30 – How humanizing your content is beneficial.
35:00 – One final tip from Ash to make your writing better.


A Little Bit About this Episode:

You know how last week we talked allllll about how to write product reviews that convert? Well this week we are building on that and talking with Ash Ambirge— the f-bomb-droppin' queen of marketing, branding, and creating-content-so-good-you-just-have-to-share-it —about what it takes to write content that not only makes your audience listen to you, but persuades them to rip out their credit card and buy whatever it is you're selling.

Because let's be honest here: If you are creating lack-lustre content, no one is going to give a damn about anything you say, let alone want to click your affiliate links and actually buy that product you're promoting.

And if your readers aren't clicking your links, they ain't buying from you. And if they ain't buying from you then you ain't making any money.

And that blows.

So instead of just winging it and hoping for the best, click play and absorb the sweet, sweet  insights Ash throws down…and then start implementing them right away.

Because you don't have time to sit around and tinker with your content, hoping it will work out. Nobody does.

Side note: Favourite line from Ash – “I don't care what you're selling, you're selling hope.”

See? Insights.

So go on, click play, and let's get you writing already!

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  • Byron Ahn

    Loved this interview. Thanks, Jill and Ash! Your guys’ fresh perspective on how to inject energy and creativity into what can be mundane topics is really insightful. Gives me ideas for my affiliate sites and that it doesn’t have to be the same boring shit over and over again..haha. Great job girls!

  • Megan Pangan

    I love cursing. haha man I love you guys in this interview. I feel like I’ve found new inspirations, who are finally women! Thank you.

    • Hahaha! We love cursing too…clearly 😉

      Thanks for the kind words Megan, happy you dug it!

  • Love this! Hearing both of you ladies just lit a fire under my ass 😉