Snack Street Beijing, China: From Strawberries to Scorpions

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A glimpse into snack street Beijing China

If you’re ever traveling through Beijing, one place you have to hit up is a legit local street affectionately named Snack Street.

It is a walking street compromised of 3 different small streets lined with food vendors hawking every possible edible item you could think of, and some you could never imagine…like a horrendously huge tarantula on a stick! *shudders*

From barbecued corn and candy-coated strawberries to deep fried scorpions and dead seahorses, noodle soups to meat on sticks, this area boasts a little something for everyone.

Penang, Malaysia: Mouthwatering Food and Beautiful Contradictions

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A glimpse into Penang Malaysia

If you have ever wanted to get a taste for truly local Malay dishes, head to Penang, Malaysia – a small island off the coast of Malaysia that boasts some of the tastiest goddamn food to ever tickle your tastebuds.

Made famous by Anthony Bourdain, the street food is where you will get a real glimpse into the culture and cuisine of Malaysia.

From street-side stalls to gourmet Western cafes and restaurants, bright coloured streets to hill-top temples, pristine coastline to dingy alleyways lined with creative street art; Penang is a beautiful mashup of old-style colonial heritage infused with classic Malaysian flavour and is an absolute must-see for anyone planning a trip to South East Asia.

Koh Tao, Thailand: Take a Thaim Out

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A glimpse into Koh Tao, Thailand

What can we say about Koh Tao? It’s a 21 kilometer emerald jewel nestled in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand. Just a short ferry ride from neighbouring islands Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, this little slice of paradise is an island like no other.

From friendly locals to backpacking Westerners, straight-from-the-sea seafood to mouthwatering curries, whale sharks you can dive with to reef sharks you can swim with, hidden bays to popular beaches this a tiny corner of the world we consider ourselves fortunate enough to call our second home, and a place we can escape to whenever we need to take a ‘Thaim’ out.

You Did What on Your Honeymoon?

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Railay beach honeymoon

I was tempted to start this post off making sexy-time innuendos, but what we really did on our honeymoon was….work.

Don’t get me wrong; we frolicked, we boat-cruised, we snorkelled, we trekked, we cliff jumped, we rode elephants, we ate, we drank, and we had tons of…wait…what?

The point is we honeymooned and honeymooned hard. More on that later.

But we also felt the lure to put in a few hours of work whenever we had the time because, well, we freakin’ love what we do!

I know most people don’t get it. I can imagine our friends gazing blankly at us, wondering “why the hell did you work on your honeymoon”?

But for us it’s fun to work. It’s exciting to make progress. It’s satisfying to tick the tasks off your to-do list.

So what can one work on during their honeymoon?

I Do’s and Countdowns

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We did it! We signed on the dotted line on an empty stretch of beach in Costa Rica, surrounded by the people we love most and made it official.

The week itself was nothing short of a dream.

Unless you count the fact that I got a hole kicked in my eardrum (long story, but let’s just say you shouldn’t tell your friend to jump off your shoulders in a pool days before your wedding), threw my neck out, and was plagued with stomach troubles until the day before the big day. But I don’t.

To me all I remember is deep-breathing my way down the aisle with my dad on one arm and my mom on my other, attempting to take it all in as I inched closer and closer to my soon-to-be husband.