Glimpse: Songkran Chiang Mai, Thailand

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By far one of the wildest festivals we have taken part in so far has been Songkran Chiang Mai. Known as the biggest water fight in the world, Songkran is the most famous festival in Thailand and is a 3 day (but seems to be stretched out over 5 days) long weekend to celebrate the traditional Thai new year – … Read More

Snack Street Beijing, China: From Strawberries to Scorpions

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If you’re ever traveling through Beijing, one place you have to hit up is a legit local street affectionately named Snack Street. It is a walking street compromised of 3 different small streets lined with food vendors hawking every possible edible item you could think of, and some you could never imagine…like a horrendously huge tarantula on a stick! *shudders* … Read More

Koh Tao, Thailand: Take a Thaim Out

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What can we say about Koh Tao? It’s a 21 kilometer emerald jewel nestled in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand. Just a short ferry ride from neighbouring islands Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, this little slice of paradise is an island like no other. From friendly locals to backpacking Westerners, straight-from-the-sea seafood to mouthwatering curries, whale sharks you … Read More

You Did What on Your Honeymoon?

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I was tempted to start this post off making sexy-time innuendos, but what we really did on our honeymoon was….work. Don’t get me wrong; we frolicked, we boat-cruised, we snorkelled, we trekked, we cliff jumped, we rode elephants, we ate, we drank, and we had tons of…wait…what? The point is we honeymooned and honeymooned hard. More on that later. But … Read More

I Do’s and Countdowns

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We did it! We signed on the dotted line on an empty stretch of beach in Costa Rica, surrounded by the people we love most and made it official. The week itself was nothing short of a dream. Unless you count the fact that I got a hole kicked in my eardrum (long story, but let’s just say you shouldn’t … Read More