Yoast SEO Plugin: The SEO Plugin for Playas Lookin’ to Pull Rank

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Tricking your site out with quality SEO can be a monstrous task that starts the second you hit publish on that first post.

And it doesn’t stop.

Google doesn’t sleep, making their spiders the most over-worked arachnids in the business.

Want them creeping and crawling all up in your site? Then you need to focus on the keywords you choose, the content you create and the quality you provide.

Boomerang for Gmail: Don’t Be a Needy Emailer

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How boomerang for gmail works

When you live and work online you can become pretty freakin’ accessible. Sometimes too accessible.

With emails flooding in at all hours of the day, notifications going off and disrupting your work flow it can be hard to resist not replying right away.

And let’s face it, sometimes we don’t want to appear too eager or let the other person to know we are online.